TNA News: Jim Cornette comments publicly for the first time since he was released by TNA

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By By Jason Powell
Sep 22, 2009 - 09:54 AM

Jim Cornette appeared on the "Who's Slamming Who" podcast to give his side of the story regarding his departure from TNA. He said he was released because he was not 100 percent behind the creative team. He said there was no specific incident that led to his departure, and noted that the news of his firing was online within two hours of TNA head of talent relations Terry Taylor informing him of the company's decision.

Cornette said he had a conversation with Dixie Carter, who said he would be welcomed back to the company if he could get 100 percent behind creative. He was not told that Ed Ferrara would be coming in, and claims he would have resigned if he had known that was the plan. Cornette stated that he is open to returning to TNA in the future, but simply can't support the creative team of Russo and Ferrara. You can listen to the full interview at

Powell's POV: Cornette essentially confirmed what we stated in Dot Net Audio on Friday regarding Jeff Jarrett serving as a buffer between him and Russo. He also noted that Dutch Mantel did the same. We've also been reporting that Cornette's ongoing frustration Russo's creative direction was an issue and that his questioning of the push Eric Young received was merely the tip of the iceberg.

Most of Cornette's frustration with Ferarra stems from the fact that Ferrara mocked Jim Ross via the "Oklahoma" character in WCW. He recalled spitting in Ferrara's face and challenging him to a fight several years ago. He claims Ferrara has not publicly apologized for mocking Ross's Bell's Palsy condition. There's no denying it was a pathetic move by Russo and Ferrara, but both men have publicly apologized. A highly recommended interview.

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