TNA News: Jeff Hardy asked to defend claims that TNA is where washed up former WWE wrestlers go to collect a paycheck, what he's learned from the ups and downs of his career

Jan 31, 2013 - 02:08 PM

TNA Champion Jeff Hardy was asked in a Michigan Live interview to respond to critics who say TNA is where washed up former WWE wrestlers to go collect a paycheck. "You know, I’m not sure," Hardy said. "We’re way different than WWE. We may never be as big as WWE, but the cool thing about TNA is that we are the alternative. So people who get tired and bored with the WWE - I’ve been there, I understand - there’s an alternative and something else to watch. For special wrestlers, there’s somewhere else to go - as long as you’re not brainwashed by that WWE mentality. There’s other worlds out there; it’s OK to switch around."

Hardy was also asked what he's learned from the ups and downs he's experienced during his career. "I’ve learned a lot, you know, and I’ve been through a lot," he said. "I’m good at professional wrestling, and I always will be good, but what’s always been different about me is that I can’t completely focus on professional wrestling. If I could, there’s no telling who or what I’d be right now. But I have to ride motorcycles, I have to paint, I have to write songs, I have to try and get better performing (in the ring and on stage with music).

"There’s so many things I have to do other than wrestle. Here at TNA, what’s so cool is that they’ve given me more time to focus on all those things. And they’ve put me in a great position to be a great professional wrestler. Things are really starting to happen now; my evolution is really in full effect and the music is going great. Everything is just kind of going real well. There’s so much to do now. I’m on the good stuff now and using my talent through all my other talents, including those outside of wrestling." To read the full interview, visit

Powell's POV: I'm sure for some washed up former WWE wrestlers, TNA was nothing more than a place for them to collect a paycheck. However, I don't think it's a fair assessment when Hardy, Kurt Angle, Bully Ray, and Matt Morgan are examples of former WWE wrestlers who have worked hard and, a couple cases, reinvented themselves since leaving WWE, not to mention the TNA originals. There definitely have been times when TNA has felt that way, but I don't get that feeling when I watch the product today.

Meanwhile, Hardy's praise of the company and his schedule don't make him sign like a guy who intends to leave the company when his contract expires. Hardy also spoke about the future of TNA, Hulk Hogan's role with the company, his in-ring style, and more in the lengthy interview, which was done to promote the February 22 event at the Fillmore Detroit. If you attend the show, you are encouraged to send a report to

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