TNA News: James Storm talks teaming with Gunner, whether he prefers to work as a heel or as a babyface, and which independent wrestlers he would like to work for TNA

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Jan 13, 2014 - 10:50 AM

TNA wrestler James Storm spoke with the Dothan Eagle and was asked about teaming with Gunner. "It's always cool being put in a tag team with someone (new). Bobby and Chris, they had about as much experience as I did," Storm said. "With Gunner, seeing him evolve into who he is now -- the guy's a beast in the ring, that’s for sure. But seeing him start to catch on to things, improve on the mic and in the ring, it's pretty cool."

Storm was also asked which wrestlers from outside the company he would like to face. "I always wanted to work with Roderick Strong," he said. "When he was here, I always wanted to work with him. Also the Young Bucks. Me and Bobby tried to push matches with them when they were here, but it never happened. We had one match with the Young Bucks at a live event, and it was a great match, but that was the end of it."

Storm was also asked whether he prefers working as a heel or as a babyface. "Most of my career I've been the good guy, just because of who I am -- I am who I portray on TV," he said. "I really prefer to be the bad guy. It’s just so much fun. I always say it’s easier to make somebody mad than it is to make somebody happy. You can say one word to somebody and make them mad, and it can take you weeks to make them feel happy." Read the full interview at

Powell's POV: Storm also discussed the state of TNA, his favorite matches, his favorite opponents, why he's remained with the company when he's had other options, and explains why there needs to be more coverage of how difficult it is to be a pro wrestler. By the way, it sure looks like Storm is about to get his wish when it comes to his preference for working as a heel.

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