TNA News: Hulk Hogan tweets photos of "Brooke's Legs" online, Linda Hogan defends him

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Jan 29, 2013 - 01:43 PM

Hulk Hogan made Huffington Post headlines for tweeting a photo of his daughter that read "Brooke's Legs." It was a shot of Brooke sitting in a skirt backstage at the Impact Zone. The noted the awkwardness and compared it to Joe Simpson making remarks about daughter Jessica Simpson's breasts.

Hulk's ex-wife Linda Hogan actually came to his defense on Twitter with a post directed to TMZ and Huffington Post. "Stop! (You people) need to relax!!! We both think Brooke and her legs are gorgeous! We are parents. Spare me."

Powell's POV: Wow, Linda even came to Hulk's defense over this one. The shots of Hulk rubbing lotion on Brooke's ass when they were sunbathing a few years ago were much more awkward than this. I have no idea why Hulk felt the need to post a photo of his daughter's gams, but it all seems pretty harmless to me. Hogan has defended himself on Twitter and now says he's taking a break to avoid the negativity.

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