TNA News: Hulk Hogan on scaling back to four live pay-per-view events

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Feb 8, 2013 - 01:30 PM

TNA legend Hulk Hogan addressed TNA's cutting back to four live annual pay-per-view events during an interview with the UK Daily Star. "To limit to four major PPVs will give us a chance to make the wrestlers more important to give the fans a chance to choose who they love," Hogan said. "I think it gives you a chance to sink your teeth into the characters and the company."

Hogan also said the pressure is on TNA president Dixie Carter. "It’s either hold ’em or fold ’em," he said. "You’re either in the wrestling business or not. Is Dixie Carter really in the wrestling business, or this is just a hobby? You either make the move or you don’t. You’re at that point now. It’s the same place we were with WCW – you either run with the big dogs or be a little dog and stay on the porch. The destiny of this company is in her hands. It can stay TNA, a powerful little company, or she can make the decision to move on to greatness." To read the full story, visit

Powell's POV: I believe Hogan's comments regarding Carter were actually his way of endorsing the move to four pay-per-view and moving out of the Impact Zone more than a case of him taking shots at his boss. Hogan also responded to criticism he's received while claiming he was a medium sized wrestler back in his day.

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