TNA News: Dixie Carter wants to take Impact on the road, discusses her knowledge of wrestling before buying TNA, success in the UK

Jan 30, 2013 - 04:21 PM

TNA President Dixie Carter spoke with the American in the UK about several topics. You can read the full interview at Among the highlights:

Dixie onher knowledge of wrestling prior to buying TNA: "I watched wrestling when I was younger. I lived in Dallas, Texas so the Von Erichs were a very big deal, and my brother and I used to watch Saturday morning wrestling, but before I got involved with TNA I had not watched the kind of modern day wrestling. At that time it was only WWE that was television.

Dixie on TNA's success in the UK: "The British market has been essential to our success - absolutely essential - because I think it’s our first market where we’ve not only been competitive with our main competitor, but have actually had more success in television ratings and things like that. The UK was our first real break-through market and it has given us so much and helped build a great foundation on which we’ve been able to build worldwide."

Dixie on Impact going on the road more often:"That is the goal starting this year. We’re close to making a big announcement, another one besides the PPVs, which I think will have a great impact on the show, pun intended. Taking the show on the road is the natural next step for us. It’s expensive touring and it’s not that I haven’t wanted to be on the road but it’s a business decision just like losing the PPVs. I’m not going to put this company in any financial trouble, so everything we have done has been very conscious, people were saying we weren’t going to stay in business for ten weeks and here we are going into our 11th year and having more success than ever and that’s because we make good business decisions."

Shore's Slant: Is going on the road Dixie's big reveal tomorrow? If it is, then I think they might actually deliver on the "big news" promise for once.

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