TNA News: Dixie Carter shows signs of giving into an online campaign to get a wrestler back in the company

Posted in: TNA News
By By Jason Powell
Nov 4, 2009 - 04:00 PM

TNA president Dixie Carter posted a message on her Twitter page in response to a campaign started by Shannon Moore's friends and fans to get him rehired. "OK, OK," Carter wrote. "Told Shannon Moore I heard you guys and to call off his fans' tweet campaign to me. I doubt Shannon's TNA days are over." To read more tweets from Dixie, visit [Thanks to Dot Net reader M.G.]

Powell's POV: I'm happy for Shannon, but Dixie doesn't want to set this precedent or she'll be hearing from the friends, families, and fans of every backyard wrestler in the world. That said, Moore could add something to the X Division and would be a nice addition.

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