TNA News: Dixie Carter and a former co-worker comment on Kurt Angle entering rehab

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Aug 3, 2013 - 02:12 PM

TNA president Dixie Carter addressed Kurt Angle's announcement that he will be entering rehab following his DUI arrest on Thursday. "The TNA Family is very supportive of the steps (Kurt Angle) is taking in his recovery," Carter wrote. "Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers."

Meanwhile, former TNA wrestler Matt Morgan was among those expressing support for Angle. "I ask all of you instead of mocking/judging Kurt Angle at this time to please support and pray for him as he heads down what I can vouch for will be one of the mentally toughest paths a human being can endure," Morgan wrote.

"After seven years of sobriety (pills) myself, I can say it's EASILY my proudest achievement. But I did so from a strong supporting cast here and your fans support goes WAY FURTHER than you realize. Kick this things ass, Kurt!" Follow Morgan online at

Powell's POV: Are people really mocking Angle over his decision? I guess I shouldn't be surprised by what people will do online. Angle is clearly making the right call. It's a shame that it took a few arrests to make him see the light, but fortunately no one was harmed during his driving incidents and he should be applauded for seeking help. Here's wishing him the best.

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