TNA News: Christopher Daniels on his current persona and trying to get under the skin of fans

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Dec 7, 2012 - 09:50 AM

TNA wrestler Christopher Daniels spoke with the Ain't It Cool website and spoke about his current persona. "Well the current character I’m doing now, I really just decided that I wanted to get under people’s skin, I wanted to get them riled up at me," Daniels said. "So many of the little things that would get people so upset with me were just some of the little affectations of guys that like think they’re cool, you know? So the more of those that I added on…like I started drinking an appletini during promos, and all of a sudden everyone asks if I want an appletini.

"I started wearing scarves, even when I would wear t-shirts I’d be wearing a scarf with them. Then I did a thing wear I’d wear tape on my fingers, all my fingers but the middle one were wrapped with black tape, so when I held up my hands or did anything like that it’d look like I was flipping people off. So those little things caught people’s eyes, and now my mentality is…I want to do something every week where people take a second glance at me and go, 'oh wow, okay that guy got me.'

"So these little affectations that catch people’s eyes, and like what you said with the immediate reaction – anything that gets a laugh, or a shaked fist at you, anything like, 'look at this guy!' that sort of thing. Overall, even more than that, it’s just a mentality of how do I get these people to not like me more? What can I do to get under their skin? What can I do to make them want to see me get beat up?

"I mean that’s my job at this point in my career, I’m the bad guy, the villain, and to be a proper villain you can’t try and be the cool villain, you’ve got to be the guy people really want to see get hurt. That’s tough this day and age, especially in pro-wrestling, where people really want to be in on the gag, and it’s hard for people to let that go and be like, 'you know I really don’t like that guy. I would LOVE to see him get beat up,' and that’s what I’m here for and that’s what I want to be: that level of bad guy in the company, the guy at the top where everyone wants to kick that guy’s ass." Read the full interview at

Powell's POV: Wait, so the Zubaz he and Kazarian wore on Impact were meant to annoy us and was not an attempt to bring back the most comfortable pants ever made? Damn. Most of the interview focusses on comics, but there is some additional pro wrestling talk. Thanks to Dot Net Member Tim Jousma for passing it along.

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