TNA News: Chavo Guerrero gives confusing answer to how much longer he will wrestle

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Mar 22, 2013 - 02:22 PM

TNA star Chavo Guerrero was asked in an interview with Fox News Latino how much longer he would wrestle considering his age of 40. Chavo's response was curious: "In the wrestling business, you know, you really don’t know what you’re doing ‘til about seven, eight years in. You look back to the way wrestling used to be — you didn’t even make it to the big time until you were ten years in minimum. Now you’re in the business for six months or a year and they come in the ring and they’re getting shots at big time. And if you see the wrestling , especially at the other place, you can tell. I won’t even watch that program because it’s bad. The wrestling is so bad.

If he can’t wrestle, then he can’t wrestle, you know? Very, very few and far between do we get a Triple H or a Rey Mysterio, a Randy Orton. That doesn’t happen too much anymore. It’s very few and far between. You can tell who’s making John Cena look good." You can read the full interview at

Shore's Slant: Er, OK? I don't mind Chavo giving a non-answer, but this comes across like he was waiting to take this shot at WWE. It was the last question listed--though this does not mean it was the last question posed--and it doesn't even come close to the question. It just seems…forced. As to what he said, Chavo is entitled to his opinion. I bet if you pressed him and showed him clips he would admit there is some good wrestling on WWE, but I think it's a fair criticism when taken in the general.

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