TNA News: Bully Ray uses anti-gay epithets while yelling at a fan, he and Dixie Carter issue apologies

Mar 18, 2013 - 10:36 PM

TNA Champion Bully Ray (Mark LoMonoco) used a gay slur repeatedly while yelling at a fan during the Impact Wrestling television taping in Chicago on Thursday. You can view the footage at

Ray issued an apology for the remark on Monday. "Made an inappropriate comment to a fan in Chicago," he wrote at "If anyone was offended by this...I do apologize. No harm was meant."

Meanwhile, Dixie Carter also issued a statement on her Twitter page. "Heard (Bully Ray) made inappropriate comments to a fan in Chicago," Carter wrote. "This will not be tolerated. Sincere apologies on behalf of TNA."

Powell's POV: Bully Ray may have used the word at times while working up the live crowds during his ECW days. Anyone who feels that somehow validates his use of the word here, please allow me to introduce you to the year 2013. His apology was pretty soft. I know he's limited to 140 characters on Twitter, but he could have done better than the old 'If anyone was offended" line. I also encourage you to read an editorial that Wade Keller wrote on the situation over at

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