TNA News: Brooke Hogan claims Hulk Hogan did not know she was joining TNA until she made her first appearance

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Jan 17, 2013 - 11:02 AM

TNA personality Brooke Hogan appeared on 100.3 in Boston, Mass. on Thursday. Dot Net reader D. Puglisi sent the following report.

Brooke said now that she is in the wrestling business, she is there to stay. She never got into it before because she felt she would be looked at negatively because of who her father is. She is taking some time off from singing, and will probably make new music one day. She feels she can do both wrestling and singing simultaneously just like Mickie James.

Brooke claimed Hulk had no idea she was joining TNA until she came out. Dixie booked her secretly and told her to keep it a secret from her dad. Dixie felt the Knockouts division needed Brooke to basically bring it back to prominence. Brooke said she really does love Bully Ray. They hit it off right away. She was attracted to his big, muscular, tan arms. After the interview, one of the radio hosts questioned whether Bully is actually already be married to someone.

Powell's POV: Wow, Brooke really is a chip off the old block. Ray is not married unless something has changed. He spoke about his longtime girlfriend in a newspaper feature a while back, though I'm not sure what the status of that relationship is.

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