TNA News: Adam Pearce defends his TNA Gut Check experience

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Jul 11, 2013 - 12:40 PM

Independent wrestler Adam Pearce responded to a fan who expressed frustration over TNA not giving Pearce a job via the Gut Check segment. "Through GutCheck, I got National TV exposure with an authentic presentation of my 'character.' And even though I wish the match itself was better and got over the things it was supposed/designed to, I did what I could, and I saw an immediate increase in attention to my character and booking inquiries about it. That led directly to $$$. I do this for a living, remember.

"Through GutCheck, I found myself working once again with a litany of awesome professionals that at one time or another I've wrestled with, booked for, or produced television with. It was such a natural and seamless fit into that process that I think it probably caught some execs more unfamiliar with me off-guard a bit, and that couldn't be anything but a positive." Read the full post from Pearce at

Powell's POV: Pearce said he got "exactly what I expected" out of the Gut Check experience. It is disappointing that TNA didn't hire Pearce, though I'm not sure how many new hires there will be in the immediate future considering the company has been cutting talent lately. Pearce had a lot more to say on the situation and it's worth checking out.

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