TNA News: A rave review for Jeff Hardy's CD release party and the additional TNA personality who expressed gratitude to the attendees

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Nov 7, 2013 - 10:07 AM

Dot Net Member Justin Madden attended the Jeff Hardy CD listening party at Dave and Buster's in Cincinnati, Ohio on Wednesday and sent the following report.

Jeff Hardy held the release party for his new CD, which comes out on Thursday. Christy Hemme was advertised as well, but we didn't see her. Jeremy Borash was in attendance, and so was Jeff Hardy's wife and daughter. The release party was basically a meet and greet with Jeff Hardy's music playing on the PA. I've seen meet and greets at concerts before, and usually you have to buy something (CD, shirt, picture) to meet the band, but tonight I was surprised to see that wasn't the case.

There were probably 200 people in line in front of us when we arrived around 7:30. The party was supposed to end at 8:30, but the TNA officials told everyone that Jeff Hardy wasn't leaving until everyone who wanted a picture and an autograph got one. They even made the comment that the were only expecting around 100 people to show up. I would guess that there were 300 people there. 

When we got to meet Jeff, he couldn't have been more friendly. Now I must say, I'm not typically an autograph hound. I'm 28 years old and going up to another adult and asking for them to write their name down is usually not my thing, but I've liked Jeff Hardy for years. He signed a DVD for my wife and I, personalized a few (free) 8x10s, and asked if we were excited for Impact tomorrow. We told him we had been to Lockdown 2011 and some other TNA shows before, and surprisingly he stood their and talked to us for over two minutes. I'm sure the people behind us in line were upset, but nobody rushed us, and our situation wasn't unique. 

Jeremy Borash was pretty cool, and making jokes with people, while constantly thanking everyone for coming out. They gave away a bunch of free tickets and merchandise certificates for Impact tomorrow. Several people in line were commenting how fan friendly the event was, and it was nice that Jeff was taking the time to talk to everyone, especially kids. 

All in all it was a fun evening. It's promising to see that a struggling wrestling company still takes the time to treat their fans right, and give access to their biggest star. I now look (slightly) more forward to attending Impact tomorrow night. 


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