TNA News: AT&T potentially spoils James Storm heel turn on Impact

Posted in: TNA News
Feb 22, 2014 - 12:22 PM

AT&T U-verse may have spoiled the heel turn of James Storm on Thursday's Impact Wrestling by including it in the TV listing for the show. The listing read, in part, "Magnus defeats Gunner in the main event after James Storm turns on Gunner." [Thanks to Dot Net Member Blake.]

Shore's Slant: You can see a screen cap below. It's easy to pick on AT&T for this, but they had to get this information from TNA, right? I can't imagine AT&T alone went out and found spoilers to put on their listings. The screen cap is from the recorded page so I guess its possible AT&T changes their listing after something airs, but that seems unlikely to me. If anybody has any idea how this works, drop me a line at


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