TNA Lockdown onsite report: Bully Ray joining Aces & 8's leads to debris being thrown in the ring, Dixie Carter and others pose for photos outside the building

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Mar 11, 2013 - 10:53 AM

Dot Net reader Scott Myers attended TNA Lockdown in San Antonio, Texas on Sunday and sent the following report.

Holy crap. This was my first TNA event, let alone a PPV. I'm going to let everyone know about what happened off air. First, I was seated practically behind where Brooke Hogan laid and cried. I was wearing a brown beanie. I was lost in the moment, I saw the producer count down the announcers. Aluminum beer bottles, half full sodas, cups, popcorn bags, even a few nacho trays were thrown towards the cage. It was super hot environment and the cage pushed it to the limit.

Devon was antagonizing the crowd behind me. I saw bottles being thrown from the seats in the bleachers about 40 rows back. Bully Ray climbed up on the turnbuckle and slipped going up and said, 'I f---ing screwed everyone.' Mega-heat and more bottle flew. One bottle hit him in the head. D-Lo Brown stood on the bottom rope said something and a half full cup of soda hit him directly in the face.

Security, now pissed off, reached at a guy who he thought threw it, and took his half bottle of beer and threw it on the ground. The heat was intense as it got. Earl Hebner literally laid atop of Jeff Hardy shielding him from all of the 'debris' that was incoming. Aces & 8's finally left and was still getting hit with bottles. The ring was a complete mess. I got hit with like 3-4 bottles myself. I was actually happy I attended. Great hot ending.

On a side note, after I got out the building, I went out front and saw a few wrestlers. I saw Dixie and she stopped and had a photo taken with a handicapped guy, cool moment. She asked if we enjoyed the show and the crowd yelled yes. Hebner and James Storm did the same for the kid. Great people at TNA.

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