TNA Impact onsite report: Notes on the Cincy crowd reaction to the Main Event Mafia breakup, which Knockout didn't get much of a reaction, EC3, Aces & 8's breakup tease 

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Nov 8, 2013 - 09:28 AM

Dot Net Member Jeremy Moses attended TNA Impact Wrestling in Cincinnati, Ohio on Thursday and sent the following report.

The crowd was somewhat hot when I arrived (which was 10 minutes late due to stupidly bad Cincinnati traffic causing bus service issues as a result -- I will leave any comments at "and this is why I rarely do rush hour"). After what proved to be a nearly two-hour fiasco of trying to find where I needed to be (and I never did figure out my seating location, so I ended up third row), I finally got to settle in and enjoy the show.

The crowd didn't exactly expect, nor (did I perceive) like the Main Event Mafia breakup, but they were good in the right places when each member stated why he believed he would win the World Title tournament.

Throughout the taping, Jeremy Borash did several giveaways. That was cool for fans that could be involved (I was fighting the aforementioned seating fiasco).

Jeff Hardy was super over with the Cincy fans. By contrast, Brooke Tessmacher got almost crickets for the first Knockouts match (where ODB and Velvet drew at least some reaction). Yikes. TNA may want to rethink having her actively compete and just have her be Bubba Ray's arm candy.

EC3 got scattered boos, and I heard "Let's Go Dewey" chants in both his matches. I'm not so sure about him.

Bad Influence is over, although to me, it didn't seem like the crowd reacted much to Pacman and his teammate getting their shots in.

The Aces and Eights breakup tease played fairly well to Cincinnati, and I liked Full Metal Mayhem (what I got to see of it, again owing to my seating situation).

The only other thing I want to comment on was, the mic was not as high volume wise as I would've liked for ring intros. I missed three intros because of this, including those for both EC3 matches.

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