TNA Impact onsite report: Non-spoiler notes on how the taping was handled, Aces & 8's heat, missed spots, best wrestler reaction, quiet ring bell

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Mar 15, 2013 - 10:40 AM

Dot Net reader Ryan Schultz attended TNA Impact in Chicago, Illinois on Thursday and sent the following report.

The crowd was hot for the live show. However, it was definitely worn out and tired for the taping for next week.

Jeremy Borash kept telling crowd that the loudest fans would get to go backstage.

There was mega heat for Aces & 8's throughout the night, which surprised me since Chicago is known for supporting the heels. Aces & 8's likes to grab signs made by the fans and rip them up. I counted about a handful.

There were a couple clumsy spots. Velvet Sky went to the wrong corner for a tag, and Joseph Park missed his cue for Matt Morgan's Carbon Footprint the first time.

Sting got by far got the best reaction of the night. The crowd couldn't get enough of him.

Austin Aries is an awesome performer and is the best wrestler on the roster in my opinion. Comedy act or not, he can just flat out go. He put on two great, physical matches.

It was interesting to see how the ringside crew and refs pass along signals and notes to the wrestlers, especially during the final brawl of the live show. It kinda looked clumsy but I guess I'll have to see it back after I watch the recording to see how it turned out.

TNA really flew through the taping. They took roughly a minute between segments, which definitely contributed to wearing out the fans.

I just read the Dot Net live report regarding the bell, because it sounded weak in the arena too. It almost sounded like it was coming from backstage. Also, whoever is ringing the bell needs to practice. Some times you just get one ding, sometimes two, there is no consistency. TNA, listen to WWE's timekeeper bell ringing ability! It's also screwed up when the ref signals for the bell during a DQ and there is no response from the timekeeper or its a major delay. Bell ringing 101 is a must for TNA.

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