TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers: A full report on the first "Open Fight Night" episode that will air on 4/26 on Spike TV (spoilers)

Apr 20, 2012 - 11:04 AM

Dot Net reader Josh Kotsabasakis attended he TNA tapings for the April 26 show and passed along the following report.

I walked to the tapings as my hotel is around the corner. I left at 6:40 and walked in with no trouble at 7:00. The crowd seemed pretty packed and I got to my seat just as JB pumped the crowd up.

The show started off with Devon coming out. Devon said he was the TV champion and starting tonight he was going to defend the title every week. He said that since it was Open Fight Night he's calling out the one guy in the back everyone wants to see get his ass kicked. Of course, Devon challenged Bully Ray. Interesting note, Devon called him "Bubba" two or three times, which I thought wasn't allowed.

Devon defeated Bully Ray Devon won after a spinebuster. Bully drew decent heat, while the crowd was popping for Devon

Borash came out and said it's Open Fight Night and would love nothing more than to shove his fist down Eric Bischoff's throat (he stumbled over his words). Bischoff came out and sarcastically clapped. He made fun of JB and distracted him long enough for Bully Ray to take out JB from behind. Eric Bischoff then hilariously made a bongo drum out of JB's head.

Mexican America came out and said they're the greatest tag team and need a fight. They challenged any tag team. Cue Kurt Angle who came out to a good pop. Angle was clearly in baby face mode.

Kurt Angle defeated Anarchia. Angle won in just a couple minutes or less after a German, Angle slam, and ankle lock. Angle played to the crowd afterward.

Al Snow came out for a TNA Gutcheck segment. Snow explained they'll do this once a month for an Indy Wrestler who wants a shot. He introduced Alex Silva.

Robbie E w/ Robbie T defeated Alex Silva. Basically a squash. I don't think Silva will get picked up. Not bad shape but it looked as if he wore converse shoes and looked lost on a few spots.

Brooke Tessmacher came out and I nearly fainted. Seriously, smoking hot. She threw an open challenge out to Gail Kim. She was awful on the mic though. Couldn't even get out what she wanted to say. Gail accepted. I actually was in the merchandise area, but judging by the reaction, Brooke got the pin. This match was non title.

Samoa Joe and Magnus came out. No challenged made. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian came out, followed unexpectedly by Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson. Huge pop for Hardy. Before anything happened, Hulk Hogan came out and the crowd went wild. Hogan said he has to choose between which team will challenge. Hogan said that Daniels/Kaz were the most talented tag team in pro wrestling, and would make good tag team champions...but that's exactly why he ISN'T giving them a shot (the logic was overwhelming...). Hogan's claim to this ridiculousness was that he wants to see if Hardy/Anderson can coexist.

Samoa Joe and Magnus defeated Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson. Pretty good tag team match. Anderson and Jeff argued through the match and the finish came when Joe choked out Anderson. Hardy tried sliding into the ring as Anderson was reaching to him for help but Magnus was hiding on the floor and held onto Hardy's leg. Anderson blamed Hardy for the loss. After the match, Daniels and Kaz attacked Joe an Magnus and held the belts up to some boos.

The closing segment had Ric Flair, Gunner, Bully Ray, Daniels, and Kaz have a goodbye ceremony for Eric Bischoff with a red carpet, podium, portrait, and throne. Flair gave a speech but it was really hard to hear because idiot fans kept chanting the goodbye song. In a funny note, Flair pointed To a hot chick with fake jugs sitting in front of me and Said "Wow..." (off the mic).

Bischoff came out and sat in the throne. Each heel (except Daniels and Kaz I believe) gave a speech. Bully got a good laugh out of me when he told Eric that he was the wind Beneath Bully's wings. Garret Bischoff interrupted and Motor City Machine Guns, JB, and RVD were with him. Garrett bored me while talking and the crowd felt the same as they erupted into RVD chants (he didn't speak). Garret said they all pitched in for a gift and they brought out a port-a-potty. Bully called Garett an "ungrateful son of a bitch" and a brawl ensued. Garret and JB got away and they caught Bischoff. They shoved Bischoff into the port-a-potty, chained it up, then tipped it over.

They then opened it up and Bischoff cane out drenched in fake shit. Garret and JB sold the smell and clapped hands with the fans as they sang the Goodbye Song.

Afterward, Jeff Hardy came out and signed autographs and took pics for $20. Not a bad show. I said it was worth the price of admission and it was. It was free. While it was entertaining, I was annoyed that I basically wasted my time because I went there to see Bobby Roode, James Storm, RVD, Angle, and AJ Styles.

Storm, Roode, and Styles weren't even mentioned which to me is absolutely ridiculous. He's the heavyweight champ! What the hell? Also, the two that were there, one wrestled for a minute and a half (acceptable as he's injured) and the other stood there for 3 minutes. Kind of disappointing.

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