TNA Impact Wrestling quarter-hour ratings: Is A.J. Styles vs. Magnus responsible for the strong ratings and viewership numbers? A full breakdown of the quarter-hours

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Jan 13, 2014 - 01:40 PM

By Jason Powell

The following are the quarter-hour ratings for Thursday's TNA Impact Wrestling television show.

Q1: 1.24 rating - Dixie Carter promo with A.J. Styles and Magnus

Q2: 1.20 rating - Dixie backstage with Gail Kim and then Bro-Mans, Eric Young and Joseph Park vs. Bro-Mans, Samoa Joe and Dixie backstage, Dixie and EC3 backstage

Q3: 1.16 rating - Eric Young and ODB backstage with Sting, James Storm and Gunner verbal segment in the ring, EC3 vs. Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle interviewed backstage, two commercial breaks

Q4: 1.10 rating - A.J. Styles backstage, Sting and Dixie Carter backstage, Kurt Angle entrance and setup for his match

Q5: 1.21 rating - Angle vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian in a cage match, Dixie and Bobby Roode backstage, Al Snow and Angle

Q6: 1.19 rating - Bobby Roode vs. Sting in a cage match, Mr. Anderson and Bully Ray at a funeral home

Q7: 1.12 rating - Sting and Dixie Carter confrontation, A.J. Styles vs. Magnus in a No DQ match for the TNA Title

Q8: 1.19 rating - A.J. Styles vs. Magnus continues with a billion run-ins

Powell's POV: TNA scored a 1.2 rating with 1.393 million viewers. When the numbers came out, it appeared that TNA benefitted from the lengthy build to Styles vs. Magnus, but four other quarter-hours did better or the same rating. I believe TNA also benefitted from not being opposed by NFL or college football. Obviously, they are hoping that this become a trend, especially with the Genesis themed live Impact on Thursday.

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