TNA Impact Wrestling quarter-hour ratings: A full breakdown on the first show of the "on the road" era, first hour issues continue

Mar 15, 2013 - 04:45 PM

By Jason Powell

The following are the quarter-hour ratings for Thursday's TNA Impact Wrestling television show.

Q1: 0.99 rating - Lockdown recap video, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez attacked by Aces & 8's, Bully Ray promo, Sting backstage

Q2: 0.86 rating - Gail Kim promo during intros, Mickie James and Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim and Tara, two commercial breaks

Q3: 0.97 rating - James and Sky vs. Kim and Tara continuation, Aces & 8's mock Brooke Hogan via phone message, Hulk Hogan backstage briefly, Robbie E vs. Rob Terry, Sting enters Hulk Hogan's dressing room

Q4: 1.0 rating - Bully ray and Aces & 8's, Hulk Hogan and Sting talk backstage, A.J. Styles video, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode approach Sting, A.J. Styles promo return interrupted by Christopher Daniels and Kazarian, two commercial breaks

Q5: 1.20 rating - Kazarian, Daniels, Styles, and James Storm, Storm vs. Daniels, Kurt Angle attacked by Aces & 8's

Q6: 1.15 rating - Joseph Park promo interrupted by Matt Morgan, Bully Ray and Aces & 8s backstage

Q7: 1.17 rating - Hogan family and Ray video, Sting vs. Aries

Q8: 1.24 rating - Sting vs. Aries continuation with Aces & 8's continuation, Hogan out and brings out Team TNA for a brawl with Aces & 8's

Powell's POV: TNA has really struggled to get their viewers to adapt when they moved to the earlier time slot. They really need to try new things to entice viewers to tune in for the start of the show. I recall they had a main event level match to open the show when they first changed time slots, but it doesn't seem like they've done much since then despite the ongoing issue of a weak first hour rating.

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