TNA Impact Wrestling onsite report: Hulk Hogan gets the biggest boos of the night, merchandise and attendance notes

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Mar 28, 2013 - 09:16 PM

Dot Net reader David Owens attended the TNA Impact Wrestling television event in Jonesboro, Arkansas and sent the following report following the live edition of Impact. Stay tuned for his results on the taping for next week's show.

Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero came out and played to the crowd during the commercial. I really enjoyed the tag match and thought the false finishes during their match with Christopher Daniels and Kazarian worked well.

One complaint about the merchandise stand - although it's a small one. I'm a hat collector and the stand didn't have any good ones. They had a generic looking Sting hat and several nondescript Impact Wrestling hats. I opted for a "TV MA" Mr. Anderson shirt.

Hulk Hogan got some great boos after the fight with Sting didn't happen. I hope Hulk is not with Aces & 8's, although I wouldn't put it past him.

Jeremy Borash plugged that there would be two tapings several times. I wonder if they worked harder to educate the crowd after reports had some of the crowd leaving early in Chicago. Overall, I thought the Open Fight Night format really worked to further storylines.

As an aside, the new commercials for "Beef Thursdays" promoting Impact and Bellator are pretty violent. They are in sharp contrast to the WWE's "Don't try this at home" spots.

The estimated audience is between 6,000-7,000. The arena website says the building holds 10,000 and the upper decks across from the ramp and above the hard camera were vacant. A staff member later estimated 3,500 for the attendance.

Biggest pops
Jeff Hardy
Kurt Angle

Most heat
Hulk Hogan (surprisingly)
Aces & 8's

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