TNA Impact Wrestling TV taping spoilers: Full results of the taping for the July 25 television show (spoilers)

Jul 18, 2013 - 10:05 PM

Dot Net readers Craig Griffin, Justin Madden, and Aaron Grinder are at the TNA Impact Wrestling TV taping in Louisville, Kentucky. Their updates were combined into the following report below.

TNA Xplosion

1. Joseph Park beat Devon. This match was held prior to the Impact show that aired on Spike TV.

1. Eric Young beat Wes Brisco. This match was held between the first and second Impact shows.

TNA Impact Wrestling TV Taping

1. Mr. Anderson defeated Hernandez. It lasted about seven minutes with Anderson hitting the Mic Check' after Hernandez missed with his diving body tackle from the rampway to inside the ring...

2. Manik defeated Greg Marasciuolo and Sonjay Dutt in an Ultimate X match to win the X Division Title. Marasciuolo (pronounced mar-chu-low) worked as Trent Barreta in WWE and on the indy scene. Dutt hits a nice moonsault off the support structure on Manik while both were on the arena floor. Marasciulo got a respectable pop from the crowd (more than Dutt) but crowd favorite was clearly Manik.

At one point it appeared that Manik knocked a tooth out of Marasciulo. Nice offensive spots from all three competitors. Dutt and Manik had the first offensive exchange while both were on the ropes above the ring. Both were knocked off and manik hit a power bomb on dutt. Marasciulo recovered to hit a combo pile driver/powerbomb move on Manik while on the rampway. 

Dutt and Marasciulo continue in the ring and after Dutt hit a superkick on Marasciulo, I don't think he will have many teeth left. Very dangerous spot where Dutt and Marasciulo actually scaled to the top of the metal structure. Manik used the opportunity to scale the ropes and claim the title belt...

We had a 'celebration' segment with Chris Sabin and the Main Event Mafia that was interrupted by Bully Ray and his 'attorney.' He said that they had until the end of the telecast to return the title belt. Ho hum stuff...

Next up was Velvet Sky cut a promo for herself and the upcoming title match between Gail Kim and Mickie James... 

3. Mickie James defeated Gail Kim to retain the TNA Knockouts Title. Gail used the ropes on more than one occasion trying to gain the pinfall. At about the seven minute mark, Kim and ODB (referee) got into a verbal altercation and Kim slapped ODB. James snuck in and rolled up Kim for the win. After the match, they may have set up a match between Kim and ODB for next week...

4. Christopher Daniels defeated Samoa Joe in a Bound For Glory Series match. They went right into this match. Joe got a huge pop and chants of 'Joe is gonna kill you' started immediately. Joe had the bulk of the offense and it actually appeared to be a squash, but Daniels got a good bit of offense in once the match got going. As Joe set up for the Gutbuster finisher, Mr. Anderson came to the ring and caused the distraction for Daniels to pick up the pinfall at the nine minute mark. 

Hulk Hogan came out at while Bully and Sabin were arguing and said that Sabin keeps the TNA Title, but there will be rematch in Norfolk, Virginia at Hardcore Justice in a cage match with Main Event Mafia and Aces & 8's barred from ringside.

5. A.J. Styles defeated Jeff Hardy in a Bound For Glory Series match. Styles won by submission to pick up ten points in the BFG Series.

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