TNA Impact Wrestling TV taping: More details on the taping for the April 18 television show (spoilers)

Apr 12, 2013 - 09:40 AM

TNA Impact Wrestling TV taping
Corpus Christi, Texas
Report by Dot Net reader Kaleb Wiginton

1. Mickie James defeated Ms. Tessmacher in about 8:00. Our side was completely dead except for during the Tessmacher stink face.

2. Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff beat Kurt Angle in a handicap match in 7:00. A good pop for Angle. A "you can't wrestle" chant broke out. Garett turned and yelled "shut the hell up!" The finish came when D-Lo Brown and Mr. Anderson interfered. D-Lo tossed a chain to Garrett and hit Angle in the back of the head. Anderson cut a promo that might not air on TV.

3. X Division Champion Kenny King beat Petey Williams and Zema Ion in about 7:00. Williams hit King with the Canadian Destroyer early in the match. That's the most amazing move I've ever seen live. The finish came when King took out Williams while he had Ion in a sharpshooter, and then King pinned Ion.

Devon vs. Magnus never got started. DOC and the man formally known as Knox attacked before the match. They hit a double powerbomb on the ramp that looked sick. Somoa Joe made the save.

Bad Influence came out. Daniels pimped their new shirts and said they were close to getting A.J. Styles to join them. Kaz called out Chavo and Hernandez. A Double and Robert Roode came out and AA said they were the number one contenders. Daniels said Roode's opinion is only worth 3/4 of an American's because he is Canadian and AA is a dirty vegan. Chavo and Hernandez came out, which caused Bad Influence to leave the ring. Chavo and Hernandez cleared AA and Roode from the ring.

5. Devon beat Somoa Joe to keep the TV title in 3:30. The finish came when Joe had Devon in Musclebuster position and Brisco, Bischoff, and Anderson interfered. There was a weak post match beat down with Joe looking like he was selling a broken face from a punch from Anderson. 

6. AJ Styles beat James Storm in 7:00. Storm stopped Styles from walking out. Bad Influence came out midway through the match. AJ won with a new submission. Bad Influence entered the ring and AJ attacked them. Aces and 8's came out and AJ bailed. Aces and 8's beat down BI and Storm.

Bully Ray cut a promo to get the crowd back into the show, and the beatdown continued. Cue Sting. Joseph Park came with him. This was the loudest pop of the second show. Aces and 8's bailed from the ring. Sting cut a promo wanting to fight Bully Ray tonight. Bully told everyone to shut their mouth. There were loud "you suck" chants to Bully, who accepted a six-man tag.

Dark Match

1. Sting, Joseph Park, and James Storm beat Devon, Bully Ray, and DOC. Sting tagged in and Bully tagged out. Hilarious. Sting used the bat and Death Drop on DOC for the win.

Notes: There were lots of woooo chants as we left and in the lobby. The second show really lacked pops of any kind except for Sting where I was at. I completely blame security for that. They were doing their damnedest to make everyone in our floor section sat down for every segment in the second show. 

Biggest Pops
1. Hulk Hogan
2. Sting
3. Jeff Hardy

Most Heat

1. Bully Ray
2. AJ Styles
From where I was everyone else dropped off after those two.

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