TNA Genesis 2009 PPV Flashback - Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett II, Mick Foley in his in-ring debut for TNA in a six-man tag, Sting vs. Rhino for the TNA Title, Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin for the X Division Title

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Jan 12, 2013 - 07:05 PM

The following is Jason Powell's live coverage review of the January 11, 2009 TNA Genesis pay-per-view. Check back Sunday night for his live coverage of the 2013 TNA Genesis. Dot Net Members can look forward to an exclusive audio review of the show later tonight. Join us on the ad-free version of the website by signing up for membership now via the Dot Net Members' Signup Page.

Live from Charlotte, N.C.
At the Bojangles Coliseum

The show opened with a Main Event Mafia video. The second half of the video package spotlighted the TNA babyface wrestlers... Mike Tenay and Don West introduced themselves and hyped the show...

Tenay said Christy Hemme suffered a server neck injury while training with A.J. Styles earlier in the week. He said there would be a six-Knockout tag with Taylor Wilde, ODB, and Roxxi vs. Kongtourage. The winner of the match will earn a future title match against Awesome Kong. Tenay also claimed that Rhino had not arrived at the building. West said something didn't smell right about the situation...

Powell's POV: The Rhino no-show is clearly a work given the way the announcers are saying it doesn't make sense that he wouldn't show up to challenge for the title.

1. LAX and Eric Young defeated Sonjay Dutt, Jimmy Rave, and Kiyoshi in a six-man elimination tag in 13:45. Kiyoshi wore red face paint and had a red stripe in his hair. Early in the match, Jim Cornette was shown knocking on the Mafia's locker room door while Jeremy Borash stood by. No one answered. A loud LAX chant broke out at 6:50 as Kiyoshi was working over Homicide.

At 7:45, Homicide hit a great suicide dive. Sonjay followed up with his own dive over the top. The grand finale came from Hernandez, who performing his own dive and popped the live crowd. At 10:35, Sonjay cheated to eliminate Young from the match. Eventually, The match came down to Hernandez against the three heels. He used per moves to finish them all off individually.

Powell's POV: Good opener. I enjoyed this more than a throwaway X Division cluster. Hernandez was designed to be the star of the match and it worked well. I'm not sure how many tickets they gave away, but there are plenty of people in the building and no signs of empty seats on the hard camera side. The live crowd is hot so far. I wonder which wrestler will be the first to score the cheap heat by mentioning the Carolina Panthers?

Backstage, Scott Steiner opened the Mafia door and told Cornette that Rhino has drinking issues. He said he might be in a gutter somewhere...

A video recapped the X Division Title tournament...

2. Alex Shelley pinned Chris Sabin to win the vacant X Division Title in 16:00. The announcers noted that Sabin had never worn the X Division belt, whereas Sabin has held it four times. Both guys went all out from the start. The live crowd was quiet and didn't pick favorites until they hit a fast flurry of moves at 2:30. The crowd responded with applause and a short TNA chant.

At 8:55, Sabin used the ropes as a springboard and DDT'd Shelley on the way down for a great nearfall. He tried to follow up with another top rope move, but Shelley caught him in an armbar and caught him in a submission hold. West correctly stated that the match was bringing back memories of Jerry Lynn and A.J. Styles from the early days of the X Division.

At 13:15, Shelley hit a pair of Frogsplashes for a nearfall. Later, Shelley hit Sliced Bread No. 2 for another nearfall. The live crowd chanted TNA. "The crowd knows they're watching something special, folks," West said. At 15:30, Sabin reached for his ankle. Sabin left his perch on the top rope to check on his partner, only to have Shelley roll him up for the pin. After the match, Shelley stuck out his hand. When Sabin went to shake it, Shelley hugged him.

Powell's POV: Best X Division match in a long time.

Backstage, Jim Cornette told Jeremy Borash that Kevin Nash has been hospitalized with a staph infection in his elbow, so he won't be on the show. Mick Foley entered the room and expressed doubt regarding Nash's elbow injury. Funny. Cornette said he's confirmed it and it's legitimate. Foley said they promised the fans a six-man tag and they would get one. As an investor, he ordered them to have a partner by the time the bell rings...

A video recapped the Shane Sewell vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir feud...

3. Shane Sewell pinned Sheik Abdul Bashir in 10:20. Early in the match, Bashir left Sewell lying at ringside, reentered the ring, and told the ref to count in hopes of winning via countout. Later, Sewell did his wannabe Hulk Hogan routine, but the live crowd didn't make much noise. However, they reacted to the big moves.

At 8:20, Sewell hit a cross body block for a nearfall. He clapped and some of the fans responded. "They're getting behind him," West said. "They've always been behind him." He was right the first time. Sewell applied a figure four for a big pop from the Charlotte crowd. Later, Bashir took a swing at referee Earl Hebner, who ducked and clocked him. Bashir chased Hebner, but ran into a clothesline from Sewell. Shane pulled off his shirt and hit a sunset flip for the pin.

After the match, the referees ran out and celebrated with Sewell. Tenay called them the "brothers in stripes." Um, that's really sappy...

Powell's POV: Weak finish. A sunset flip? Really? A forgettable match, but fine for what it was.

Backstage, Cornette asked Booker what was going on with Rhino. Booker grabbed Cornette. Sewell returned to the locker room and stopped Booker, who threatened to burry him if he ever placed his hands on him again...

4. Beer Money (w/Jacqueline) defeated Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed, and Abyss and Matt Morgan in a three-way to win the TNA Tag Titles in 15:00. Roode limped a little to sell his knee injury, while Storm rode the "boozer cruiser" to the ring. At 2:45, Lethal tagged in and did some Macho Man mannerisms to no reaction from the live crowd.

At 4:00, Jackie came in and tried to help her team, but she got sandwiched between them in the corner. Abyss whipped Lethal into the three of them and then splashed them in the corner. Roode bell backward onto the mat. Jackie fell face first into his crotch. Roode fell down on his knees behind Jackie, He pretended he was riding her and slapped her ass a few times. The live crowd cheered Roode.

Later, Abyss was crawling toward Morgan when Creed reached in and tagged himself in. Morgan eventually returned the favor by tagging himself into the match. At 14:35, Abyss tried to hit Roode with the tag belt, but Roode ducked and Abyss accidentally struck Morgan. Lethal had Morgan covered, but the referee was distracted by Jackie. Storm superkicked Lethal and dragged Roode onto Morgan. The ref turned his attention back to the match and counted the pin. After the match, Abyss and Morgan jawed with one another...

Powell's POV: Lamest tag title reign ever. It's rare for a title reign to actually hurt someone, but that's what happened in this case. Beer Money were the stars of the match.

Backstage, Borash interviewed Kurt Angle, who asked a receptionist if he should slap her around like the Panthers were slapped around yesterday (there it is). Angle stormed into Cornette office. Angle told Corny that he went to Rhino's hotel room and ended up beating the hell out of him and leaving him for dead. "You better come up with Plan B because Rhino ain't coming tonight," Angle said.

5. ODB, Roxxi, and Taylor Wilde defeated Sojourner Bolt, Raisha Saeed, and Rhaka Khan in a six-Knockout tag in 7:50. The woman who scores the winning pinfall gets a future title match. Early in the match, ODB was on the ground and when she stood up she found her hands on Khan's breasts. Rhaka licked her finger to some cheers.

Khan got out of the ring quickly and let the other two heels handle the work (thank you). The heels worked over Taylor as the crowd called for ODB. The crowd got their wish. Taylor held Khan and Bolt at ringside, while Taylor dove on them. Meanwhile, ODB pinned Saeed in the ring to earn the Knockouts Title shot.

Afterward, Awesome Kong came out and entered the ring for a showdown with ODB. Tenay said she was there to remind ODB that she's defeated her before. ODB said she wanted her title shot on the spot. ODB shoved Kong, who grabbed her back in pain briefly. The heels cleared the babyfaces in the ring and then Kong chokeslammed ODB...

Powell's POV: I'm not sure how that was supposed to make people think ODB has a shot at beating Kong, but I'm still grateful that Khan's involvement was limited.

Backstage, Cornette asked Sting to explain how he felt about having his goons lay out Rhino. "Who said I had anything to do with it, Jimmy?" Sting responded. He said he hasn't been to Charlotte in 15 years and he came to win...

Powell's POV: Sting hasn't wrestled in Charlotte since 1994? That can't be right.

A video recapped the Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle feud... Before the match, the ring announcer noted that Jarrett vs. Angle was the first of three main events...

Powell's POV: TNA mastered the double main event. At the rate they're going, I'm guessing they'll advertise every match on a future pay-per-view as a main event.

6. Kurt Angle pinned Jeff Jarrett in a No DQ match in 22:00. Angle came out first. Jarrett came out with a guitar. Once they were both in the ring, they started trading punches to start the match. Tenay stressed that it's a No DQ match. He said both wrestlers agreed to the stipulation. Early in the match, a shot aired of a battered Rhino throwing a fit backstage.

Jarrett controlled the first couple minutes, but Angle came back with a forearm that knocked Jeff off the guardrail and onto the guardrail at ringside. At 6:15, Angle went for the Angle Slam, but Jarrett avoided it and backdropped him over the top rope to ringside in a big spot. Jarrett tried to dive over the top rope onto Angle at ringside, but his knee caught the rope and he landed hard at ringside.

Angle picked up Jarrett and threw him over the announcers' table. Angle struck Jarrett with the timekeeper's bell. The announcers freaked out. Jarrett bladed and bled heavily. The brawled onto the stage and Angle also bladed. At 10:05, Angle hit the Angle Slam off the stage and through a table positioned below for the biggest pop of the night. The replay showed that Jarrett overshot the table.

At 14:20, Angle caught Jarrett in the Ankle Lock. Jarrett crawled toward the ropes, but Kurt pulled him back inside the ring. Jarrett eventually rolled through and sent Angle through the ropes to ringside. Angle grabbed a chair from ringside and brought it back inside the ring. Angle swung and miss. Jarrett dropkicked the chair into Kurt's face. Jarrett hit the Stroke and went for a cover, but Angle kicked out.

At 16:40, Angle hit the Angle Slam for a nearfall. Angle pulled the straps on his singlet down, which drew some cheers from the live crowd. Angle charged toward Jarrett, who was in a corner. Jarrett moved and Angle went through the ropes and hit the turnbuckle. Jarrett grabbed his guitar and wound up, but Angle recovered and kicked him below the belt.

Angle picked up the guitar. He also picked up the chair and let the crowd choose between the two. They cheered the chair and booed the guitar. See, it's not just me. Angle struck Jarrett with the chiar, but Jeff kicked out. Angle applied the Ankle Lock again. Jarrett eventually rolled through and went for a rollup, but Angle kicked out at the last second.

Angle hoisted Jeff on his shoulder, but Jarrett DDT's him. Jarrett picked up the guitar only to discover it was broken. He thought about using the base of the guitar, but he dropped it in favor of the chair and struck Angle with it. Jarrett crawled over and covered Angle for a two count. Angle hooked Jarrett's arms and pinned him. The live crowd popped with cheers.

After the match, Jarrett sold the ankle lock in the corner as trainers ran in to check on him. Angle picked up a chair and scared off the trainers. Angle kicked Jarrett's ankle and then wrapped it in the chair. Angle stomped on the chair as Jarrett screamed in agony. Angle left the ring. The trainers brought a stretcher out.

Powell's POV: Very good brawl. Both guys worked their asses off. The fans weren't booing Jarrett, but Angle seemed to garner more boos than cheers. I'm sure some of it is because the Mafia are some dominant, but I wonder if Jarrett is going overboard in portraying himself as the most sympathetic person on television since the starving African child with the flies swarming around his head.

Backstage, Cornette tried to talk Rhino out of wrestling, but he wouldn't hear it... Back in the building, Jarrett was carted out. Tenay went into horrible acting mode as he acted disgusted by Angle's actions. He held up a towel with blood on it and said the blood of Jarrett just wasn't enough for Angle.

Powell's POV: Tenay is such a geek whenever they ask him to act.

A video recapped the Sting vs. Rhino feud...

Powell's POV: By the way, it would make sense from a storyline standpoint if Al Snow replaced Nash in the six-man tag. He's really been the only guy who's shown any alliance with the Main Event Mafia.

7. Sting defeated Rhino for the TNA Title in 8:30. Borash conducted the in-ring introductions for the championship match. Rhino came to the ring with blood on his face and a bandage wrapped around his head. Rhino jumped Sting to start the match. They brawled at ringside and Sting slammed Rhino's head onto the TNA Title belt on the announcers' table, causing Rhino's wrap to come off. After some mediocre action, Sting hit the Scorpion Death Drop and scored the pin. The live crowd cheered...

Powell's POV: Nothing memorable about that match. By the way, Dot Net reader Timothy C. pointed out that the live crowd was cheering for the guitar and booing the chair during the Jarrett vs. Angle match. I just spoke to a fan in the building who told me that the live crowd sang the "Sha-na-na goodbye" song when Jarrett was being carted out on a stretcher. Ouch.

Backstage, Borash interviewed Mick Foley, Devon, and A.J. Styles. They all took turns talking with Foley closing out the interview. Foley concluded by saying the heels should ask themselves whether they feel lucky. "Well, do you, punk?"... A video recapped the Mafia vs. Frontline feud...

Booker T, Scott Steiner, and Sharmell walked to the ring. Booker took the mic and said Nash couldn't be there because he suffered a staph infection in his elbow. He said they had an exceptional replacement. Booker, using his silly African voice, introduced Cute Kip as the replacement. Kip took the mic and thanked Booker before running through his own credentials. He also became the second person to say the Carolina Panthers suck...

Powell's POV: No, really, Cute Kip was introduced as the replacement. Ouch.

8. Mick Foley, Brother Devon, and A.J. Styles defeated Cute Kip, Scott Steiner, and Booker T (w/Sharmell) in 15:55. The babyfaces cleared the heels from the ring. Foley climbed the second rope and teased jumping to ringside as the heels scattered. At 7:04, Kip went for the Fameasser, but Styles avoided it and hit the Pele kick.

Styles tagged in Foley, who roughed up Kip and Booker. Foley did the "bang, bang" bit, but Steiner cut him off. All six men fought to ringside and the referee called for the bell to end the match.

Jim Cornette walked onto the stage and said, "Not so fast." He said he's been coming to Charlotte for 25 years and that's not how they do things. He ordered the referee to restart the match. Booker took the mic and said Cornette doesn't have the power to restart the match. "This match is over," Booker said. Foley took the mic and said that Cornette doesn't have the power, but he does as an executive investor. He restarted the match under hardcore rules.

The live crowd called for tables as the brawl continued. Styles struck Steiner with a trash can. At ringside, Foley charged Booker, only to be backdropped gently onto the table. Foley grabbed the mic and said, "Get the tables." The live crowd didn't react, and it didn't sound like Foley's request was audible in the building.

Devon brought out a table and the live crowd popped. Styles used the top rope as a springboard and put Kip through the table at ringside. They landed on Foley's leg. It was pinned under them and it was hard to tell whether he was hurt, but he stood up once he got his leg free.

In the ring, Booker did the Spinaroonie while Foley pulled out Mr. Socko and applied the Mandible Claw. Foley hit Booker and Steiner with a chair. He cleared Booker from the ring and then DDT'd Steiner onto the chair before scoring the pin to win the match for his team.

Powell's POV: Nothing special. It was painful to watch Foley move around in slow motion. That said, the live crowd was happy to see him and popped for Mr. Socko and the other Foley signature spots. I'm still not crazy about Cute Kip being added to the main event, but TNA probably didn't have many options on short notice. Overall, the show had its moments, but it also dragged at times.

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