TNA Audio: Jeremy Borash on his favorite TNA memory and when he realized TNA was bigger than he had dreamed

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Mar 13, 2013 - 01:35 PM

TNA on air personality appeared on 101.7 Kiss FM Jonesboro, Arkansas and spoke with Brandon Baxter as hype for the upcoming Impact tapings there. You can listen to the full interview at Among the highlights:

His favorite memory of TNA: "Believe it or not, I was the first employee. We had some humble beginnings. That's the beautiful thing about TNA, from where it's started to where it's gone."

When he knew TNA was bigger than they had dreamed: "Believe it or not, I've never felt that way because when you look back over the 11 years, it's been just tiny growth. It's been one step forward, one step forward, and every step is progression for us. Nothing has been overwhelming, it just gets better and better every year and we are at our peak for sure."

Shore's Slant: Borash should have left off the "now we are at our peak" line. I realize TNA is bigger now than they have ever been, but he should have worded it better so it didn't sound like this is the biggest they will ever be. There's nothing really surprising here, but Borash is very personable and it was a good interview for the local market.

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