Paul Heyman says TNA isn't ready for him, says he would chop the heads off TNA wrestlers over age 40, says pro wrestling is like porn, comments on his book projects

Aug 16, 2010 - 01:43 PM

Paul Heyman appeared on The MMA Hour on on Monday and commented to host Ariel Helwani on his TNA negotiations. "They're not ready for me," Heyman said. "They're not there yet." Heyman also stated that TNA wrestlers who were over 40 years old would not be happy if he went to work for the company. "If you're over 40, I'd chop your f---ing head off," said Heyman.

Helwani asked Heyman about his post-UFC comments regarding people in pro wrestling trying to ride Brock Lesnar's coattails. "It means that the guy who is riding Brock Lesnar's coattails right now is criticizing everybody else for riding Brock Lesnar's coattails (laughs)." Heyman went on to say that pro wrestling taught Brock how to sell a fight. He added that some people will always see Lesnar as a pro wrestler. "Wrestling is like porn," Heyman said. "You don't escape it."

Heyman was asked about Batista's interest in MMA. "I don't think Dave is ready for it," Heyman said. "And he's not without his injuries. Some would say Dave is a lover, not a fighter." However, Heyman said he thinks a Batista vs. Bobby Lashley fight would be good for Strikeforce because the match is promotable.

A caller asked Heyman for his thoughts on Ring of Honor and incorporating MMA into pro wrestling. "I think Ring of Honor has a very unique product and unfortunately they don't have enough exposure to get it out there to the masses, and I would love to see more MMA incorporated into pro wrestling."

Powell's POV: Heyman was more open about his feelings on TNA than I expected him to be. I guess the fact that he doesn't expect to join TNA bodes well for the wrestlers over age 40, but it's a shame the two sides haven't been able to strike a deal because I believe his long-term vision is exactly what TNA needs.

Heyman also stated that his book "Undisputed" on Brock Lesnar will come out sometime next year, but he doesn't have a date established. Heyman also said he's writing a book on himself and his family that will include a lot of pro wrestling talk.

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