Dot Net TNA News: Update on Joey Ryan, another wrestler works through injury

Jan 14, 2013 - 09:48 AM

By Jason Powell

-TNA wrestler Joey Ryan did not appear to be injured, according to backstage observers, despite a rough landing following a powerbomb by Hernandez during the TNA Genesis pay-per-view.

-Matt Morgan entered the show with a back injury of some kind that occurred on Saturday at one of the "One NIght Only" pay-per-view tapings.

Powell's POV: Morgan was struggling to walk on Saturday and was in a lot of pain, so his co-workers were surprised he was able to work the pay-per-view match. He noticeably made frequent tags and limited his in-ring time during the Genesis tag match. As for Ryan, he's lucky he avoided being injured on that sloppy powerbomb from Hernandez.

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