Dot Net TNA News: Locker room morale down despite strong attendance at Lockdown

Mar 11, 2013 - 12:30 PM

By Jason Powell

TNA locker room morale is in rough shape as a result of the company's policy regarding the pay for the majority of wrestlers via the new television taping structure. With TNA running one live show and taping a second show every other Thursday, the majority of the talent will only be paid for a single appearance regardless of whether they work more than once each night. Thus, these wrestlers will be losing money compared to when Impact was taped on a weekly basis.

Powell's POV: This was discussed weeks ago in the member exclusive Dot Net Weekly audio show and has continued to become a major source of frustration in the locker room. One source estimated that this will affect roughly 80 percent of the talent in TNA, and added that wrestlers are anxious for their contracts to expire so they can negotiate to change the wording in their contracts. Technically, TNA is within their legal rights to play hardball on this point due to the wording of the contracts, but it does seem unfair that most talent will end up losing money even if they work more than once in the same night.

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