Dot Net TNA News: A major creative change has taken place in TNA

Oct 6, 2011 - 12:38 PM

By Jason Powell

Vince Russo is no longer the TNA creative team head writer. He has been replaced by Bruce Prichard, who also heads the talent relations division. Russo is now considered essentially a senior writer and continues to write the actual shows along with Matt Conway once the direction has been mapped out by Prichard, who also signs off on the scripts.

Powell's POV: Although they've been heading to this change for a couple of months, the move became official within the last week or so. There are people within the company who aren't happy to see Prichard gain so much power this early in his run with the company, primarily due to his reputation for playing political games during his WWE run. However, if the last few weeks of improved television are any indication, this is a good move as far as the television product is concerned.

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