Adam Pearce on playing up that he was the man behind TNA's August 1 Warning, what he expected from TNA Gut Check, the real life drama behind the 7 Levels of Hate Series with Colt Cabana

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Aug 8, 2013 - 09:41 AM

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Pearce on the implication that he was the character behind TNA's August 1 Warning: "I wasn’t surprised that a few people picked up on it. I was then crazily surprised that it seems like everybody assumed that I was going to behind those wonderful videos. … Within hours, I was obviously the guy!"

Pearce on how long it took him to decide to exploit the August 1 Warning: "Within the first twelve hours. It was to the point where it wasn’t just fans and it wasn’t just online. I was getting texts from people who know me, and people who should know better. ... If half the boys are thinking this, then why wouldn’t I use it?"

Adam Pearce on the website: "I think it’s great. When the guys at One Hour Tees were first thinking about doing this, I thought it was brilliant. ... I understand the expenses that go into trying to actually trying to produce and market merchandise. When you’ve got a company basically willing to do everything for you, you’ve got to be a fool not to take advantage of that. ... It gives people an opportunity to do what they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise."

Pearce on what he expected from TNA Gut Check: "Reality television is scripted television. Pro Wrestling is scripted television. So why would ‘Reality Television within Pro Wrestling Television’ be anything other than scripted television."

Pearce on the real life drama that changed the 7 Levels of Hate series with Colt Cabana: "It’s a wrestling story from soup to nuts, except for all of the drama that happened 75% of the way throughout the series. I think people are going to be both surprised and really interested to see how things effected real life for guys like me and guys like Colt Cabana."

Other topics include being the only wrestler selling themed women’s underwear on, being solely behind 99% of the production of the "7 Levels of Hate" DVD, what the National Wrestling Alliance and Ring of Honor have meant to his career, if he’s closer to knowing when he’ll retire, changes to his diet (and drinking regimen) and so much more!

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