8/22 TNA Impact Wrestling taping spoilers: More details on the taping for next week's television show (spoilers)

Aug 16, 2013 - 06:08 PM

TNA Impact Wrestling TV taping
Norfolk, Virginia
Report by Dot Net reader Nate

The show started off with a in ring promo from EGO (Bobby Roode and Bad Influence) where they tried to get Austin Aries to join them. This led to Gunner and James Storm coming out and challenging Roode and Kaz to a match.

1. James Storm and Gunner defeated Bobby Roode and Kazarian. The tag champs won after Aries came out and Brainbustered one of the heels. A solid match.

2. X Division Champion Manik defeated Sonjay Dutt. An ok match with some nice spots...your typical X division match here.

3. ODB beat Gail Kim. ODB went over in another okay match.

4. Joseph Park beat Christopher Daniels, Hernandez, and Jay Bradley in a four-way street fight to earn 20 Bound For Glory Series points. Joseph won after transforming at the sight of his blood and chokeslammed Bradley then hit the Black Hole Slam. A good match up into the finish. If there is blood in a match in Virginia then the match has to end because blading is strictly prohibited. From where I was sitting, I didn't see any blood from the forehead of Park, but he was looking at his hand before he transformed, so maybe there was something to that. Secondly, I believe the reason for the Xplosion match of Park vs. Bradley was to re-tape the finish to the street fight, as Bradley severely messed both moves up. So if you see a lot of close ups during that finish then I was right.

Bully Ray came out for his title celebration. He got some good heat with Tito Ortiz and then said it was time to tell the world the truth. He introduced Brooke. Brooke Hogan's music played for a minute, then Brooke Tessmacher walked out looking super hot in some high heels. They kissed in the middle of the ring and then left.

5. Main Event Mafia defeated Aces & 8's in a 10-man tag with Devon losing and being eliminated from the company. The Mafia came out down a man and Anderson pointed this out. He invited Bully to come watch and he did along Tessmacher (so I was happy). No one knew who the fifth man was. A.J. Styles' music hit and he walked out onto the ramp in full Emo mode. He got to the end of the ramp, stood there, and then his old music hit and the place went wild. A fairly decent match took place and Devon took the pinfall. After the match, once the fans realized he was leaving, we gave Devon a pretty decent sendoff and he seemed fairly taken aback by it.

All in all a fun night of TNA action.

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