7/25 TNA Impact Wrestling TV taping spoilers: A second report on the taping for Thursday's television show

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Jul 19, 2013 - 10:21 AM

Dot Net Member The William attended Thursday's TNA Impact Wrestling television event on Thursday in Louisville, Kentucky and passed along the following report on the taping for the July 25 television show.

Xplosion Tapings

1. Joseph Park defeated Devon via second rope splash

2. Eric Young defeated Wes Brisco via schoolboy.

TNA Impact Wrestling Taping

I'm pretty sure the show was taped out of sequence.

1. Mr. Anderson defeated Hernandez. Anderson won via the Mic Check at around the five minute mark.

2. Manic beat Sanjay Dutt and Greg Marasciulo (aka Trent Barreta) in an Ultimate X match to win the X Division Title. Manic won in about 12 minutes.

Chris Sabin cut a promo challenging "whoever wins the Ultimate X Title later tonight" despite the fact that the X match had just taken place. Bully Ray came out with his lawyer and they demanded Sabin return the title by the "end of the show" or else they were suing TNA.

3. Mickie James defeated Gail Kim to retain the TNA Knockouts Title. Mickie won in about seven minutes via school boy and held onto Kim's tights. During the match, Gail slapped referee ODB. Afterwards, Brooke Hogan came out and teased an ODB vs. Gail match, but Gail bailed.

4. Christopher Daniels defeated Samoa Joe in a Bound For Glory Series match. Daniels won in about 6:30 via two Best Moonsaults Ever after Mr. Anderson interfered.

Bully came out to the ring and demanded Sabin return the belt. Sabin came down and said he'd only get the title back "out of his cold, dead hands." Bully then called Hulk Hogan out. Hogan said Bully would get a rematch at the Hardcore Justice special on August 15 in a steel cage match.

5. AJ Styles defeated Jeff Hardy in a Bound For Glory Series match. Styles won around 11:00 via submission. AJ refused a handshake afterwards.

Notes: The night started with a huge D-Lo Brown chant... okay not really but anyway... I'm not sure if it showed it on television, but Petey Williams was legitimately hurt during the first taping. The injury occurred when he took the Gringo Killer from Homicide. It took a while for him to make it to the back with the trainer's assistance. The arena was about 65 percent full, but it was a very energetic crowd. I hope it translated to TV well. There were several people leaving during the Hardy vs. Styles match.

Biggest Cheers:
1. Sabin (after his world title win)
2. Hogan
3. Jeff Hardy
4. All the Main Event Mafia guys

Biggest Heat:
1. Bully Ray (unreal reaction)
2. The rest of aces and 8s
3. Mickie James (a little surprised by that)
4. Bully's lawyer

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