3/6 TNA Conference Call with Jeff Hardy: His thoughts on going on the road, his new album, how he approaches matches now, his health, painting his face, and more

Mar 6, 2013 - 01:30 PM

-TNA publicist Lindsey Bynum opened the show by hyping Impact tomorrow night and Lockdown this Sunday before turning it over to questions.

-Jeff said he was very disappointed with not going to the UK and said he looks forward to going the next time TNA goes over.

-Hardy said he approaches cage matches a little differently now because of his daughter, but he still tries to go out there and have the best match possible without getting crazy.

-Hardy announced his band finished their album last week and they have 10 songs recorded with an expected July release. He said he will be meshing music and wrestling soon, but he doesn't know what form that will take.

-Jeff put over his history with Bully Ray in TLC matches and how they have reinvented themselves over the years to single wrestlers and he's looking forward to the match this Sunday.

-A German caller asked about Lockdown being available in Germany and what to expect. Hardy said to expect a great show.

-Hardy said he is taking extreme care of himself now that he's older and doing more to stay healthy.

-Jeff's favorite memory teaming with Matt was their first WrestleMania match. He said they never really had any sibling rivalry; they just did their own thing.

-I asked Jeff about his new contract and he said he did consider TNA going on the road when he signed his new contract, and admits that he will be busier, but says the schedule is still the best for him. He said maybe one day TNA will reach WWE heights of busy schedules.

-I asked Jeff how long he planned to wrestle and he said he had no idea; he would just listen to his body.

-Jeff had no comments on Bret Hart's trashing of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. He said everyone is entitled to their opinion and his was both men added to TNA.

-Jeff said he loves Australia and looks forward to going back there again. Jeff put over the UK big because the fans there are crazy for TNA.

-Jeff got the two men from UK Bootcamp confused but said he was looking forward to working with the winner, Rockstar Spud.

-Jeff put over Christian York as a guy with lots of talent and was happy he found him in OMEGA.

-Jeff said he had a phenomenal 2012, going so far as to call it the best of his year, and said he plans to make 2013 even better.

-Jeff said having his daughter has forced him take better care of himself, but he isn't having a hard time balancing work and family.

-Hardy started to pick who was a future world champion but the call broke up. I don't know if it was me or the call, but we'll have an mp3 of the call later and you can check.

-Jeff said his dad was his inspiration.

-Jeff said having great shows on the road, like Lockdown, is the most important thing for TNA because that will bring out even more fans and they can continue to grow.

-Jeff said they used to record everything but not so much anymore. He said he does shoot a ton of video of his daughter.

-Jeff said he wasn't the social media guy like Matt is, but maybe one day he'll get better.

-Jeff said he was bored at one point, but after thinking about what's important to his family, and the way TNA has helped him with his music, it was easy for him to sign on.

-Hardy said there is nothing he has left to accomplish in wrestling because he has done it all, so now he's just trying to be make TNA the best he can for fans.

-Jeff said Jushin Thunder Liger was a legend he would like to work with.

-Jeff said he was very sad that Paul Bearer had passed away. He called him a "great man."

-Hardy said he agrees that enhancement talent is missing from professional wrestling and hoped it would come back.

-Jeff closed the show talking about his makeup. He said he saw the makeup on the eyelids in various places and thought it would look good. He said his face is his canvas each and every night and he finds that very fun. He talked more about his face paint than he did anything else.

Shore's Slant: A good call for TNA based on the number of people involved, but Jeff gives very short answers and usually doesn't offer a lot to follow up on. He's a pretty quirky dude, but he did a good job here. We will have an mp3 for you once TNA makes it available to us and you can listen to Jeff answer a ton of kayfabe questions that I didn't write about here.

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