3/21 TNA Impact TV taping: More details on the taping for Thursday's television show (spoilers)

Mar 15, 2013 - 12:04 AM

TNA Impact Wrestling TV taping
Chicago, Illinois
Report by Dot Net reader Ryan Schultz

Only half the arena has used. About half of the upper tank was full (empty hard camera side) and lower bowl was full with scattered empty seats. There was a guy dressed up as Macho Man in the crowd. He took what seemed like hundreds of pictures with fans.

Between shows, the ring crew picked up the garbage the fans threw in the ring from the last segment. There was not a mat change.

1. Kenny King defeated Sonjay Dutt and Zema Ion to retain the X Division Title. A fast paced match to start. There was a double huracanrana by Dutt, cool move. Back and forth fast paced action. Dutt came back in after selling and performed a moonsault stomp on Ion. King came in from outside hit his neck breaker and pinned Dutt to retain the title.

There was an in-ring interview with AJ Styles and Mike Tenay. AJ got in Tenay's face. Tenay went over some brief history between the two. Taz interrupted and told Tenay to step aside and let a real man talk. Taz told AJ to join Aces & 8's. Cue James Storm. AJ wouldn't face Storm while Storm questioned him. Storm got in AJ's face and threatened to knock him out. AJ didn't respond and left the ring. Storm drank from a couple fans' beers while he walked to the back during commercial.

2. Matt Morgan beat Joseph Park. No robe for Morgan, who bullied Park to start. Morgan toyed around some more then more bullying. Park stepped aside of the Carbon Footprint and Morgan racked himself on top rope. There was a mini offensive series for Park, who missed splash from the ropes. Morgan hit the Carbon Footprint for the win.

Hulk Hogan came out to the ring now with only one crutch. He said Aces & 8's fooled everyone and said they are a monster. Hogan introduced his warriors: Soma Joe, Magnus, Kurt Angle, and Jeff Hardy all came down to the ring. Hogan told his warriors to take out Aces & 8's and get the title back. Hogan asked Hardy if he was ready for his rematch. Hardy said he's in rough shape.  Hardy proposed a four way tonight between the warriors to see who gets a shot at Bully. Hogan agreed and the winner would be the new No. 1 contender.

3. Bobby Roode and Austin Aries defeated Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez to retain the TNA Tag Titles. Roode and Chavo started. Chavo and Hernandez controlled the early action. Lots of back and forth. Some comedy by Aries. More back and forth. Hernandez performed a running dive off runway ramp over top rope onto Aries and Roode. Three Amigos was executed by Chavo. Bad Influence interfered and distracted the referee. Roode and Aries won. After the match, Bad Influence attacked Roode and Aries.

Taryn Terrell came out and said she had to retaliate despite being on probation. She said she's ready to face the consequences. Gail Kim came out and said you don't mess with her. Kim spoke highly of herself. Kim called out Brooke Hogan and told her to fire Taryn. Brooke said she had to be fair and terminated Taryn as Knockouts referee. Brooke then rehired Taryn as a Knockouts wrestler. Taryn attacked Kim.  Kim ran to the back while Taryn chased after her. Bully came out and snuck up behind Brooke. Bully raised his hand to Brooke, who flinched and cowered. Bully pointed to his ring finger as Brooke ran off. Bully then intimidated Christy Hemme at ringside and tore up some fan signs.

4. Jeff Hardy defeated Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, and Magnus to become No. 1 contender to the TNA Title. All four men were in the ring to start, then it was Joe and Angle in the ring, while Hardy and Magnus battled outside. Joe then performed a suicide dive onto the three men outside. Joe threw Magnus into the ring. Angle soon entered and there was a lot of of fast paced action. Magnus cleared the ring and caught Hardy coming off the top rope. Magnus controlled and put a headlock on Hardy.

Joe and Angle battled outside. Magnus continued to control Hardy. Joe entered and battled Magnus. Magnus regained control and focused back on Hardy while Joe sold in corner. Hardy regained control and put all three men out with various moves. Hardywent to the top rope, but Angle came alive and had an offensive series. Magnus came alive and distracted Angle. Hardy reached the top rope and hit a Swanton on a fallen Joe for the win. The men slowly got up. Joe ended up congratulating Hardy and walked to the back. This ended the show.

The taping opened with with the X Division match, but I bet the Hogan segment announcing the No. 1 contender match will open the actual television show.

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