11/7 TNA Conference Call with Christopher Daniels: Daniels discusses his current tag team with Kazarian, the possibility of becoming World Champion, tag teams in Gut Check, and more

Nov 7, 2012 - 01:53 PM

The following his a recap of the Christopher Daniels conference call that was held on Wednesday to promote TNA Turning Point.

-Chris Thomas opened the call by hyping Impact and Turning Point.

-Daniels said he was thrilled with where he was in his career. He said he was surprised that he and Kazarian would find so much success so quickly. He claimed they were the best tag team in all of wrestling.

-Daniels talked about how he and Kazarian met in 1996 when he moved to California, and that they became friends while working together in TNA. He said their current characters have blossomed because they are both really snarky guys and that TNA creative has given them opportunities on the mic and they have taken advantage of it.

-Daniels said he does see himself as a future World Champion. He said he was closer now than he has ever been, and he will take advantage of any opportunities given.

-Daniels said he hopes people consider him a locker room leader, and he's going to continue to work hard to be a leader.

-All of the gimmicks Daniels and Kazaarian use, like the appletini, he and Kazarian come up with. He said some of the things they do come from people daring them to do things, but mostly they think these things up themselves.

-Daniels said the Claire storyline could have gone better, but he felt like it accomplished the goal of making AJ Styles look more babyface and he and Kazarian more heelish. He added that the actress who played Claire wasn't used to a live crowd and they probably should have prepared her better.

-Daniels said he and Kazarian were like the Stadler and Waldorf of TNA

Shore's Slant: Bonus points if you get that reference.

-Daniels was asked to compare this team with Kazarian to others he had been in with TNA and Daniels said he feels like this team is getting a better creative look because they see that the team is bigger than the sum of its parts, whereas in the past he was more often looked as a singles guy in a tem with another singles guy.

-Xema Ion, Sonjay Dutt, and Kenny King were three names Daniels tossed out as great young talent in TNA. He also put over the Gut Check gimmick and hyped Christian York as proof of what kind of talent you can get from Gut Check.

-Daniels said he would love to transition into acting should the opportunity present itself, and that being in the next Avengers movie would be amazing.

-Daniels said he was surprised Gut Check hasn't had a tag team yet, but when it did, he absolutely thought he and Kazarian should be the guys to test the team.

-Daniels said that his career is coming to an end, but he hopes it isn't soon, and he still has lots of goals. He wants to be World Champion, he wants he and Kazarian to go down as one of the greatest tag teams of all time, but he also knows that he is very happy that he has been able to make his living in wrestling. That concluded the call.

Shore's Slant: Daniels was incredibly enthusiastic with this call, joking and cutting up with questioners and thanking everyone for their questions. In fact, he was so different from so many of the guys who do these calls that it almost seemed faked. This was a good call for TNA. They didn't do much hype for the PPV, but Daniels sneaked it in when he could. Mostly this was good because Daniels was a great sport and actually gave questioners good answers, whether he was answering in character or not.

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