11/14 TNA Impact Wrestling TV spoilers: Full results of the taping for Thursday's television show (spoilers)

Nov 7, 2013 - 11:53 PM

Dot Net Member Jeremy Moses attended the TNA Impact Wrestling television event in Cincinnati, Ohio on Thursday and sent the following report on the taping for the November 14 television show.

Aces and Eights started it off with an in-ring promo. It was more of the same as we've heard all along. A match between Mr Anderson and Bully Ray was set for the November 21 Turning Point edition of Impact. If Anderson loses, he leaves TNA. If Ray loses, Aces and Eights must disband. Anderson said he wanted to face a member of Aces and Eights right away. This led to the first match.

1. Mr Anderson defeated Knux by Mic Check. Just one huge brawl.

2. EC3 defeated Dewey Barnes and Norv Fernum in a handicap match.

3. Christopher Daniels defeated Joseph Park. Daniels got the win with a low blow and a pinfall.

4. Gail Kim won a squash match. I couldn't catch the name of her opponent.

Dixie Carter came out for an in-ring promo, the vast majority of which I never heard. Literally, the crowd was that loud. I caught enough to know that the tournament match on 11/21 will be a No DQ match.

5. Kurt Angle defeated Austin Aries in a submission match as part of the TNA Title tournament. Angle won with a crossface. This was very good. Chris Shore wondered whether the crowd would compare for the two main event matches. I didn't hear anyone saying they liked Full Metal Mayhem better, but it's a fair perception. Cincinnati didn't necessarily sit on its hands for this, though.

After the match Mr Anderson came out and asked if the crowd if they wanted another match, then offered to piledrive Garrett Bischoff onto the stage. He did so to some reaction. Bischoff did the stretcher job going into the post-Impact Xplosion match...and about half the crowd left.

Xplosion Taping

1. Magnus beat Robbie E via sharpshooter type move.  

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