10/31 TNA Impact Wrestling TV taping spoilers: Full results of the taping for Thursday's television show

Oct 25, 2013 - 09:20 AM

Dot Net reader Darrin Clark attended Thursday's TNA Impact Wrestling television event in Salt Lake City, Utah and sent the following report on the taping for Thursday's television show.

The second taping was Halloween themed. There was a mediocre Bad Influence segment where they came out dressed as Sherlock Holmes. They were great and had British accents, but it was pointless. There seems to be an angle with Bad Influence vs. Joseph Parks and Eric Young. Bad Influence were trying to find Abyss, hence the costumes. EY came out dressed as Parks, which led to Abyss taking out Kaz and Daniels.

1. Magnus won a gauntlet match to get a spot in an 8-man tournament to become #1 contender (there are also reports that the tournament will crown the new TNA Champion). Sting was in the match even though he's not able to challenge for the title ever again. Magnus won after he threw Sting over the ropes continuing their angle.
The crowd went crazy when Sting came out but they could've cared less about Magnus.
The other other seven guys in the tournament are Bobby Roode, Jeff Hardy, Chris Sabin, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, and two others I can't remember for some reason.
Bully Ray was left out to continue the Mr. Anderson feud.

2. EC3 faced the same jobber he beat at BFG. The jobber was more over than half the locker room. There was a huge "Let's go blue guy" chant since he wore a blue singlet.

3. Bobby Roode beat Kurt Angle. First, the Angle injury is kayfabe. He was perfectly fine. Great match and Angle was way over.

4. TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim beat ODB when Lei'D Tapa interfered. Gail used the ropes for leverage getting the pin.

5. TNA Tag Champions Bro-Mans beat Gunner and James Storm. Robbie E used the ropes for leverage. Filler match.

Notes: During the second Xplosion match, Chris Sabin defeated Manik to retain the X Division Title. 75 percent of the crowd left after the second Impact. Sabin won after tying Velvet to the ropes with I think what was her belt. It caused Manik to run into Velvet where Sabin got a rollup. Sabin celebrated as Velvet yelled to him. He ignored her and went to the back with the title.

No sign of Aces & 8's all night except Knux was in the #1 contender gauntlet. Possibly to continue the angle where they no longer help Bully. The camera side was empty but it was packed on the other. The crowd was crazy for most of the show but there were parts that really dragged.

During the weird Bro-Mans celebration on the live show, the glasses on the table were all connected by a string so when they fell off the table you could see them dangling. James Storm sprayed us with real champagne so the kids in front got covered in alcohol.

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