10/17 TNA Impact Wrestling TV taping spoilers: A second report on the taping for next week's television show (spoilers)

Oct 11, 2013 - 03:00 PM

TNA Impact Wrestling TV taping
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Report by Dot Net reader Zack Burk

Jeremy Borash made an announcement that they were about to start the next taping last night.

1. Robbie E defeated Hernandez, Eric Young and Christopher Daniels in a Four Corners Match. This was an okay match with Robbie sneaking in the win. I was thoroughly surprised at how over Hernandez was. And Holy Hell he is a giant.

Dixie came out to heat that would rival that of Vickie Gurrero here. She came out with two bodyguards and a suitcase stating she was putting 50k bounty on A.J. Styles to have him taken out to where he can’t compete at BFG. The Person who would take him out would get A.J.’s spot in BFG as well. Bully and his squeeze came out and stated they didn’t like each other but that he would jump on the Dixie train and ride it a night long if it was worth 50k. plus he could then pick anybody to face at BFG. This is where Magnus came out and stated he understands why the crowd chants Dixie sucks, because 12 men put their bodies on the lines for three months just to have Dixie try to take it away because she doesn’t like A.J. Styles. He said 50k is a lot but told Bully You can fight me for free tonight.

Bully got in Magnus face about how sting and others believe in him and that he knew the truth and that Magnus was a huge disappointment. Magnus cold cocked him and sent him to the ground. Bully rolled to the outside of the ring and looked at the crowed and then took a mic and announced if Magnus wanted a fight then he got one tonight. I don’t know how it will look on TV but the crowd was red hot for this entire segment.

2. Samoa Joe defeated Chris Sabin via submission. Joe choked Sabin out. This was a throw away match with Chris pulling a lot of chickens--- tactics. Afterwards, Austin Aries came out and attacked Joe. Next was Jeff Hardy, who pulled out a ladder and was setting up to get on top of it in the ring when Double A pulled him down. Manik came out and help clear the ring and Jeff and Manik posed on the turnbuckles together.

A.J. Styles came out for a promo and the crowd went wild. He cut a promo about the stuff Dixie was doing and then said if someone wants to cash in the bounty to come on he isn’t running. Knux and Baby Bischoff came out and started to Brawl with them and then James storm and Gunner came out to make the save. At ringside, A.J. Styles and James Storm stared each other down and jawed a little bit.

3. Gunner defeated Knux. This was an okay match what was funny about it for me was that while standing on the ramp James was drinking a fans beer. Baby Bischoff tried to queue for people to come from the back and James took a big swig of the fans beer and then spit it in his face and sent him to the floor and then drank the rest of the beer and tossed the empty cup to the fan. I met that fan later after the show and found out the event staff got him another cause of that.

Kurt Angle came out in his MEM suit and the roar from the crowd was amazing. He spoke about how Roode reminded him of himself. Roode came out and there was a decent verbal exchange ending in Kurt asking how are you gonna win if I’m Making you tap and then Roode beat down Angle with the help of Bad Influence. It ended with Roode having him in a crossface submission and then saying he would make Kurt tap at BFG. Kurt had no help at all from MEM.

4. Bully Ray defeated Magnus. This was a good match between the two. Sting tried to assist with keeping it fair and keeping Bully from using a chain on Magnus which allowed Bully Ray to low blow Magnus. There was a lot of tension showing between Sting and Magnus after the match. They eventually slapped hands and then walked back together but you could tell Magnus was still irritated with sting.

Dixie came out with her thugs again and it was time for the contract signing. First was Bully Ray to come out quickly followed by A.J. Styles. Bully wasted no time in signing the contract and gave us a history lesson about Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes and How Dusty said Ric had put him and wrestling on hard times. He said he has done the same for the Last 18 months and brought up a few matches he has had against Sting and Chris Sabin. Then stated he was solely responsible for running Hogan out of TNA. He sadi he was the Darth Vader or wresting and that A.J. ain’t no Luke Freaking Skywalker. Funny.

A.J. said he had everything to lose and gain and told them that we would win and make them pay. When he signed the contract Bully said he changed his mind and was going to defend his title but cash in on the bounty. A brawl ensued and then A.J. caught bully with Dixie’s briefcase full of cash and dent Bully up the ramp and through the cash out all over the ring and A.J. and Dixie jawed at each other to close the show

Overall, this was my first TNA show and I was surprised by how much I actually enjoyed it in person. I would definitely say I will be going back again.

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