5/8 ROH "Supercard of Honor V" in New York results: Tyler Black vs. Roderick Strong for the ROH Title, Awesome Kong vs. Sara del Rey, Kings of Wrestling vs. Motor City Machine Guns, legend announced for future show

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May 8, 2010 - 10:09 PM

ROH "Supercard of Honor V"
New York, N.Y. at the Manhattan Center
Report by Dot Net reader Brandon Mifsud

The line to enter the building was crazy and long. I saw Jim Cornette signing autographs told him I have every SMW show on VHS and DVD both. Even though I don't agree with what he said from a professional standpoint, I told him f--- Vince Russo and he laughed. I told him I'll buy anything he tells me to so he suggested multiple DVDs (lol). I got a two-disc set of his rookie year or something like that. I took my seat in the third row of the balcony.

1. The Briscoes defeated Rhett Titus and Kenny King in 15 minutes. They had a very good to great match. There was a good spot with Mark Briscoe moonsaulting to the outside onto all three of the other wrestlers. Lots of nearfalls throughout and a lot of tag maneuvers, especially by the Briscoes. An excellent opener. The Briscoes won with doomsday on King. They teased King and Titus going at each other, but noting happened and they left together.

2. Erick Stevens (w/Prince Nana, Ernesto) defeated Grizzly Redwood in 7:00. The match was actually okay. It didn't get a whole lot of time, but I figured something would happen since it was Grizzly. I was hoping for a squash followed by an additional challenge answered by Shelton Benjamin but not today. Grizzly was on offense more than I thought...but I was hoping for a squash so... Grizzly had a dive to outside of ring and a couple other spots that got the crowd excited. Eventually, Stevens won and Balls Mahoney's music hit. The crowd chanted "Balls" and he left with grizzly after about five minutes. Sort of cool to see Balls. Would have rather seen Shelton Benjamin, though.

3. Sara del Rey (w/Claudio Castagnoli, Chris Hero, Shane Hagadorn) defeated Amazing Kong n 8:00. Kong came out to "F--- TNA" chants. Pretty cool. I figured the match would deliver if they gave them time and it did anyways without as much time as I was thinking. Sara won with a loaded elbow pad. There were some good spots. Sara suplexed kong and Kong missed a splash off second rope. Back and forth throughout. Met expectations overall I would say.

4. Christopher Daniels defeated Eddie Edwards in a non-title match. There were "Fallen Angel" chants when Daniels came out. It was once again cool and a mark out moment. Last night was the first match back, but that was still just Manassas. This is NYC. Back and forth action during the first several minutes with a daniels dive to the outside. Edwards and Daniels both had great offense back and forth. Nearfalls all over. Daniels won with BME.

Afterward, Daniels cut a promo saying he said in Charlotte he wants to be the best in the world and to be the best in the world he has to matchup with guys like Eddie Edwards. He said that when Davey Richards is back from Japan, if he wants to be the best he has to go through the Fallen Angel. Daniels shook Edwards' hand (also shook before match) and Edwards left. Daniels stayed about a minute then left.

Cornette came out talking about the rest of the card and hyped the Sept. 11 show (for the clueless ones... yes, that means Sept. 11 in NYC). He announced a special guest for the show: Terry Funk.


Austin Aries came out in a suit. He said he dressed up unlike everyone else. The crowd chanted "boring." He responded, "Yeah, boring, just like your sex lives." He said he's gonna become the greatest manager ever just like Cornette. Then says he's sorry he made a mistake and went over lard and asked for Delirious to come out so he can apologize.

Delirious came out. Aries had them cut the music as soon as he entered the ring. He said the accident on HDNet wasn't an accident. He gave Daizee Haze a flower as an apology for saying she would be the next best thing. He took out a Twinkie and says they aren't Twinkies, they are golden snack cakes. There were "golden snack cakes" chants. Aries offered to be Delirious's manager. Delirious takes mic from him and hit him with it before saying a word, which led to their match.

5. Austin Aries defeated Delirious (w/Daizee Haze) by DQ. Delirious opened and smashed Twinkies in Aries' face. More "golden snack cakes" chants. At 3:00, Aries won by DQ after being choked with a tassel. Aries never even got his business pants off. Rhett Titus and Kenny King ran in. They were setting up Delirious on outside and Aries got on top rope, but Haze made save. Aries, Titus, and King left.

6. Kevin Steen beat Colt Cabana in a Death Match. Great match that lasted roughly 15 minutes. Cabana came out second and wasted no time. Awesome spots with ladders chairs thumb tacks and a barb wire bat. Cabana hit a moonsault off top rope onto Steen, who had two chairs on top of him. Cabana bodyslammed steen onto ladder that was on it's side. If you weren't here live do yourself a favor and watch it when you can.

At one point, El Generico's music hit and a fake Generico came out..then Steve Corino. The fake Generico unmasked and was a kid with a max age of 14. They tag teamed Cabana, and Steen got the advantage. It ended with Cabana answering one count at nine. Steen went to a crossface hold using the barb wire bat. It got "you sick f---" chants. The crowd was VERY into it.

7. The Kings of Wrestling defeated The Motor City Machine Guns by DQ to retain the ROH Tag Titles. Even with one match left, I can safely say we just saw, expectedly, the match of the night. The crowd was obviously very into it from start to finish. Spot after spot all match. At some points, they were just doing spots for the sake of spots, but it was still fine, and overall the match psychology was really good.

Chris Sabin didn't get much action until roughly eight minutes in. Great tag maneuvers both ways, some aerial stuff and out of the ring stuff. Hero gave Sara the loaded elbow early on so it was obviously coming. After about 25 minutes of greatness, Shane tossed it to Hero. He put it on and then the Briscoes ran out, which led to KOW winning by DQ.

A ton of boos for the DQ finish. I wasn't a fan of it either. The Briscoes were going for Doomsday on Sara, but Chris Hero was there with the save. They got her with a piledriver, though. "F--- the Briscoes" chants ensued, and both teams left. The refs helped Sara to back. Amazing match. The DVD is already officially worth it for those who weren't here live.

8. Tyler Black defeated Roderick Strong to retain the ROH Title. To be honest, it seemed sort of dull for the first half. I think it was mainly because it followed the tag match. From there it got great. Tons of back and forth nonstop action and a million nearfalls. I never bought any of the Roderick ones until the very last one, but I think the rest of the crowd did. The fact they got me in the last one was pretty impressive because I figured there was no way Black would lose.

They took out three referees and eventually Todd Sinclair, who was the original referee, came back when the third ref went down. Black won after his 500th superkick followed by whatever his finisher is called (I'm bad with move names). Roddy cut a promo saying Black can't beat him fair and square. It took two guys at the pay-per-view and three refs tonight.

As a side note, toward the end of the match, way in the back by the entrance, I saw Jim Cornette really into the match while standing there by himself. That was sort of funny for some reason, not sure why.

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