5/7 ROH in Manassas, Va.: Christopher Daniels in his return to ROH match against Kevin Steen, Austin Aries and Rhett Titus vs. Tyler Black and Delirious, Chris Hero vs. Mark Briscoe, Jay Brisco vs. Claudio Castagnoli

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May 7, 2010 - 10:05 PM

Ring of Honor house show
Manassas, Va.
Report by Dot Net reader Brandon Mifsud

Pre-show Matches

1. Grizzly Redwood and Bravado Brothers defeated Mr. Ernesto Osiris, John Kermon, and Bodysnatcher.

2. The Kings of Wrestling defeated The Set in a non-title match.

Main Show

The show started with the Eddie Edwards 10-minute hunt. He came out with Shane Hagadorn and his opponent was introduced.
1. Eddie Edwards defeated Bobby Dempsey. Decent match. Only seven minutes, but it was what it was...back and forth the whole time crowd was into it. Bobby tapped out to Achilles about three seconds after they announced that they were seven minutes in. Edwards cut promo after the match saying Christopher Daniels will tap out tomorrow night and when you mess with one wolf, you get both. The hunt is on for a fallen angel.

2. Jay Briscoe defeated Claudio Castagnoli (w/Sara del Rey) in 11:00. The match started out slow, and the action went outside ring. Sara got into it and the match sped up overall. Back into the ring back and forth for a few minutes. They went back outside for a minute and Jay threw Cladio into the barrier right in front of us and they got back into the ring quickly. The match ended with a counter, Jay getting spun around Claudio's shoulders and then he countered the finisher into a rollup for the 1-2-3. Chris Hero came out and helped double team Jay. Mark came for the save and grudge match No. 2 got underway.

3. Chris Hero defeated Mark Briscoe in 10:00. Hero used the loaded elbow pad to get the win. He dominated most the match. There were a couple okay spots and some action outside ring. Some ugly guy next to me said Hero was lucky. I have no idea why, but Hero had a great comeback. "Yeah, I'm lucky I don't look like you," Hero said. It was pretty funny live. I'm a huge Hero mark, so I was hoping for a very good match and I'd say it was definitely less than that but still okay overall.

The Briscoes cut a promo saying the Kings of Wrestling have something that belongs to them and they'll get them back. Nothing much other than that. Just a quick 30 second promo.

4. Roderick Strong defeated Erick Stevens (w/Prince Nana and Ernesto). Roderick came out to streamers and "next world champ" chants. The match was very one sided for the first nine minutes with Stevens on the offensive until Roderick reversed a top rope maneuver with a drop kick. After that, back and forth for about seven minutes with a lot of nearfalls. Strong won with a running kick? I missed the finish it was very fast and the two people behind me said running kick.

Intermission. The crowd hasn't been into the show much at all thus far. There times when a couple people tried to start chants and they couldn't get them going.

5. Colt Cabana defeated Kenny King by DQ in 15:00. Happy birthday chants for Cabana. The match started slow, but the crowd was really into it. There have been snapmare chants the whole show. Very fun match with fun crowd chants such as "you got snapmared" and "you got headlocked." Not many pinfall attempts more comedy than anything but certain parts had good action. Colt threw king into the barriers on all four corners on the outside of ring. Cabana was on offense 80 percent of the match. The DQ came when when Kevin Steen ran out to interfere.

Steen cut a promo saying he would rape some guy and the crowd chanted let them fight but Steen said no. Then he said when he was done with the Fallen Angel "fallen" would be a good way to describe him. "Fallen Angel, get out here and let me welcome you back to ROH" was the last thing Steen said. Mark out moment.

6. Christopher Daniels defeated Kevin Steen in 12:00. Back and forth match with a lot of nearfalls in the last few minutes. It was pretty good overall. Both guys interacted with the crowd throughout the match. Best snapmare ever chants lol. After a while, Steen knocked over referee Todd Sinclair and went out to get a chair. Cabana came out and took the chair. Sinclair got up and told him to leave. He did. Daniels hit a bodyslam and BME. I sort of thought he would win here since it's his return, but I hope he ultimately puts over the younger guys during this stint in ROH rather than make a title run. Regardless, pretty sweet mark out moment seeing Daniels first match back.

7. Tyler Black and Delirious defeated Austin Aries and Rhett Titus. Aries and Titus came out, followed by Delirious and Black together. Aries cut a promo saying Delirious's injury was an accident and they should be professional and have a good match. Delirious pinned Titus.

The main event pretty good. It lasted about 20 minutes. Aries wasn't in the match as much as I figured he would be, but it wasn't like he didn't exist at all. When he was in, he and Titus had a decent amount of tag maneuvers so that was good to see. Black/Delirious on the other hand not so much with the tag chemistry. They had action in and out of the ring had some pretty good spots.

There was one point in the match where Aries was in and got thrown out of the ring, and somehow Titus ended up in the ring without anything big happening and the ref started counting when Black went for a pin (he wasn't legal) and the match just went on as if Titus was legal. The match ended when Black super kicked both guys followed by Delirious with his fisherman driver finisher. Delirious got the pin.

Black cut a promo afterwards saying this was probably the last time they'd be in Manassas, but he hopes the fans will support them no matter what and they're gonna be in Richmond which isn't that far away so he hopes they can make it out there. And he loves the fans. And that was it. Time to sleep a couple hours, bus to NYC at 8am and gotta get up at 6 to get to the bus station in DC!

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