5/21 ROH Supercard of Honor in Chicago Ridge: El Generico vs. Chris Hero, Shelton Benjamin vs. Claudio Castagnoli, The Briscoes vs. The All Night Express in a street fight, and Eddie Edwards defends the ROH title against Roderick Strong

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May 22, 2011 - 01:51 AM

Dot Net readers Jenny Furnish, Scott, and Rich Conner all attended tonight's Supercard of Honor in Chicago Ridge, Il. They sent along the following results:

Jim Cornette opened the show and announced the sale to Sinclair to the live crowd. Cornette made it seem like a big deal and had the roster come out to celebrate before the show started…

1. Homicide defeated Mike Elgin (w/Truth Martini). Jenny: Crowd is pumped for homicide .. Homicide had control till he tried to jump off the ropes then Elgin had control most of the match...Homicide was up to his usual theatrics tried to bite his ear off and huge suplex...

2. Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reiley defeated The Bravado Brothers. Scott:Cole and O'Reilly won with their double team wheel barrel/codebreaker combination finisher…Jenny: Before the bros could talk, everyone was booing soon as the bell rung the bros both got into the ring kicking the crap out of Cole...

3. Mike Bennett (/Brutal Bob) defeated Steve Corino . Jenny: Bennett defeats Corino after suffering a thumb up the bum…

Scott: Corino's sponsor is Jimmy Jacobs! Jacobs gets on the mic and admits that he too is an evil person. Talks about how he left ROH two years ago and admits that he is the most evil person in the history of ROH. Says in the last year and a half he's cleaned up his act and is in the best shape of his life both mentally and physically. Hence why Steve called upon him for help and will continue to be Corino's sponsor IF ROH will allow him to come back. He says this is the first time in his life that he wants to fight for honor. His own honor. ROH officials then come to the ring to escort him out of the building.

Rich: Corino came out for a pre match interview and was interrupted by Bennett. Corino said he had a sponsor and was cleaning up his life. Eventually it was announced to be Jimmy Jacobs. Jimmy spoke about wanting to fight again if ring of honor would accept him. Cornette and officials escorted Jacobs out of the arena. Bennett won with a tombstone piledriver in 9:22. Not the best match. Crowd members around us were hoping for a finish. Typical ROH standing ovation for Corino after.

4. El Generico defeated Chris Hero (w/Shane Hagadorn) Rich: Fast paced match. Great chops by Generico. Hero scored a pin at the 9:05 mark with his feet on the middle rope. The ref restarted the match, Generico won 20 seconds later.

Scott: Before the match Generico went under the ring and pulled out a foam "Thor Hammer", which Hero took and attacked him with. Generico eventually got it back after the bell rang. Chris Hero pinned Generico with a spinning big boot and his foot on the ropes, however Referee Todd Sinclair restarted the match which allowed Generico to hit a half nelson suplex for the win.

5. Davey Richards defeated Charlie Haas. Scott:Davey won after a roundhouse kick to the temple. Very physical bout. There was a point in the match where all they did was trade multiple german suplexes. Haas and Davey shook hands afterwards. After Haas left the ring, Davey motioned that he wants the World Title. Then it was intermission.

Rich: There were handshakes and a standing ovation after. Nearly 30 plus suplexes during the match. Crowd is extremely loud afterwards. Richards is easily the loudest pop thus far. No one even close.


At the end of Intermission, there was a 10 bell salute for Larry Sweeny and Randy Savage…

6. Shelton Benjamin defeated Claudio Castagnoli (w/Shane Hagadorn). Jenny: Can you explain the use of Shane Hagadorn to me? I've always wondered and still haven't figured it out....sorry digressing.

Scott: At one point both Chris Hero and Charlie Haas came out to watch over both of their partners respectively. At one point Benjamin locked on a triangle choke which I thought was out of his style. Hero and Haas then jumped in the ring and all four men had to be pulled a part by the ROH extras.

Christopher Daniels and Truth Martini then made their way to the ring. Martini boasted about being the "king kong" of managers and sang Daniels praise. Told Chicago how their hometown hero was going to be taken out. Colt Cabana then came out and asked Daniels for a straight up wrestling match. He then pointed out that Todd Sinclair had the authority to ban Martini from ringside. Daniels objected and said Sinclair had no authority to make Martini leave. Sinclair then got on the mic and told Daniels that Colt convinced him and he sent Martini to the back.

7. Colt Cabana defeated Christopher Daniels (w/Truth Martini). Scott: Cabana won with a Death Valley Dropout on the top rope. There was a very cool spot where Colt went for his asai moonsault in the ring but Daniels sidestepped him and Colt landed on Daniels' knee. Elgin then got involved but was subdued by Steve Corino of all people. Martini then came out to attack Colt but Corino came out to make the save for him again. Colt left as Corino attempted to make amends and Elgin, Martini and Daniels triple teamed Corino. The fans then chanted "House of Lies" at all of them. Corino looked dejected after they left.

Rich: The crowd was very into the hometown boy, cabana. Ended with a spot off the top rope. Sadly, Daniels just doesn't do it for me anymore.

8. The Briscoes defeated The All Night Express in a Chicago Street Fight. Jenny:The Briscoes start off by throwing chairs into the ring…ANX throw brooms in the ring...True street fight style barely any of it took place in the ring…Both of the brothers ended up with bloody faces

Rich: There were multiple table spots, fire extinguishers, a hanging, a ladder, and a whole lot of blood. Possibly the lamest finish after too many near falls, but still easily stole the show.

Scott: The finish came when The Briscoes hit the Doomsday Device on Titus but Kenny King hit Jay Briscoe with a chair in the head from the apron. Mark Briscoe then took King out to the floor, however Jay fell onto Rhett Titus after the chair shot which led the Briscoes getting the pin and the win. Both teams got a standing ovation after the bout.

9. Eddie Edwards defeated Roderick Strong (w/Truth Martini) to retain the ROH Heavyweight Championship. Scott: Edwards grabbed the leg on a superkick attempt to win via the Achilles lock. Elgin and Daniels then came out and beat on Eddie but Davey ran out for the save. Eddie then got on the mic and told Davey that he was the World Champion and first ever Triple Crown ROH winner. He says that he has a doubt in his mind that he isn't better than Davey. He says he needs to prove to himself that he can beat Davey.

Eddie says they're brothers but he HAS to fight him and told him he will not wrestle again in ROH if he doesn't fight him for the World Title. Davey then took the mic and said he can't believe how insecure Eddie is and that Eddie deserves to hold the ROH title. Davey tells him he was right when he said that they were brothers. He then told him if he needs to fight him to get closure they will fight each other. Davey then says be careful for what you wish for because you just got it. They then shook hands. "Best in the World" anyone?

Overall a great show and can't wait for them to come back in August for the tapings!

Jenny: After being kicked in the mouth and mucus missiles flying everywhere…Eddie wins and retains title…

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