3/7 ROH in Milwaukee TV taping spoilers: A second report on The Briscoes and Michael Elgin vs. Kevin Steen and The Young Bucks, Adam Cole vs. Matt Taven for the ROH Title, Chris Hero vs. Roderick Strong

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Mar 8, 2014 - 11:12 AM

ROH Raising The Bar Night One
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Report by Dot Net Member Blake from Milwaukee (@BlakeandSalShow)

Attendance: 600ish (not full)

Autograph Line: Kevin Steen, Silas Young, Young Bucks, Michael Elign, Mischif and the Briscoes.

7:40 Start

Ring Announcer: Scarlett

It was announced that the show was bring filmed for TV and that we should watch our mouths and not flip off the cameras which got boos.

Commentators: Kevin Kelly & Nigel McGuinness

Adam Cole opened the show to talk to the crowd, hype up tomorrow's match vs. Chris Hero in Chicago and how Taven was going to be a warm up match. Matt Taven interrupted him saying he hopes he looks past him and went he wins "drinks on 3rd street were on him." Very good standoff to set up the main event. 

1. Jay Lethal defeated Silas Young in 9:35. Red hot crowd to start. HUGELY behind Young (from Milwaukee) no matter what he did to get heat. About four minutes in, Truth Martini came to a big pop for really no reason in a bright red suit. During a punching bout the crowd was cheering for Silas and booing Lethal. Lethal won after a lethal combination after a low blow.

Post match Young refused to shake hands. Truth left ringside doing nothing.

2. Michael Bennett (w/Maria) beat Tyson Dux in 10:22. The crowd had no reaction to Dux. Good reaction for Bennett and Maria. Some boos. There was a CM Punk chant directed at Maria. In the opening minute, Bennett looked out at Maria and she said to him "I don't know who he is" talking about Dux. Note: Dux talks TOO loud - we could hear him calling his spots in the back row on the floor. Dux hit an RKO at 9:30 and Bennett put his foot on the rope. Bennett countered a figure four attempt into an anaconda vice to a CM Punk chant. Post match Dux wiped his ass with Bennett's shirt that was left in the ring. 

3. ACH and Tadarius Thomas defeated Homicide and Eddie Kingston, and Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish in a non-title three-way match in 14:18. No reaction for Outlaw Inc, Adrenaline Rush got a good reaction, Red Dragon got a HUGE reaction. Massive brawl outside the ring before the bell. The barricade broke in front of us when Homicide through ACH through it. ACH pinned Fish with the 450. Outlaw Inc destroyed both teams afterwards. 

4. Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly beat Adrenaline Rush to retain the ROH Tag Titles in 2:49. Hot start as the four guys went to the outside. Fish pinned ACH to retain on a roll up holding the tights when ACH was setting up for a top rope dive.

Intermission. Return date: 8/22/14 

Coming out of intermission, a few people tried to start a Fandango dance and failed.

Commentary: Steve Corrino (HUGE reaction with a one more match chant)

5. B.J. Whitmer and Jimmy Jacobs beat Adam Page and Cedric Alexander in 11:39. The crowd LOVED The Decade especially Jacobs. At one point, Jacobs was pretending he was peeing on Page like dog. Not making that up. The crowd was starting entertaining themselves with various Zombie Princess chants. Finally at 7:30 Cedric got the hot tag and the crowd kinda didn't care till he went on offense. Whitmer and Jacobs hit their neck breaker suplex finisher on Page for the win.

Post match Whitner and Jacobs drank beers with the fans. Jacobs cut a promo on Cedric told him to get out and asked Page to stay. He tried to recruit Page and was successful. Cedric was left in the ring dejected. 

6. Chris Hero defeated Roderick Strong in 15:37. Big pop for Strong. HUGE reaction for Hero. Dueling Hero and Roderick chants to start the match.  A lot of action outside the ring including Hero cheering with the fans right in front of us in the broken barricade from earlier. The front row in our section was starting a "Roderick's our hero" chant, funny. Very fast paced match. Four elbow strikes into the palm strength and Hero won. Post match, Hero dove into the crowd to celebrate. When he left Jacobs came back down and let the crowd in a standing ovation for Roderick. 

7. The Briscoes and Michael Elgin beat Kevin Steen and The Young Bucks and Kevin Steen in 19:06. HUGE reactions for all six men. This is awesome chant before the match even began. This crowd has woke up and is hot! Elgin hit his delayed vertical suplex for a 38 count on Matt till Nick kicked Elgin in the head. Afterward Steen did 7 push-ups with the crowd counting and bowed. Hysterical. Elgin bomb on Matt Jackson I think. That was amazing! Match of the night by far! They had the entire crowd eating out of their hands. Post match all six men hugged then group bowed for the crowd while the crowd chanted That Was Awesome. People see that match when it airs! Amazing! 

8. Adam Cole defeated Matt Taven to retain the ROH Title in 15:51. Red hot crowd despite a lot of people losing their voices. The match started with the crowd chanting for the shots Taven promised everyone in the opening segment. This crowd really wanted those shots. This is going to come off so bad on TV like there's a bunch of alcoholics in the crowd. Taven may have tweaked his right knee jumping back into the ring. The crowd just wants shots. Why? Because "Shots are awesome!" Yes an actual chant. Truth came back out and no one seemed happy to see him. Cole retained by hitting the Panama Destroyer when Taven was distracted by Truth.

Post match, Jay Briscoe came out to confront Cole as Taven left. Then Elgin came out. As both men were pacing the ring Steen came out. Then Hero came out. They tried to pull a Shield and Cole ran away. Hero had a mic to thank the crowd and send everyone home happy. 

Best Pops
The 6 Man Tag Post Match Bow
Chris Hero
Adam Cole
Silas Young

Biggest Heat
Outlaw Inc after their match
The My24 representatives just for being there and coming to the ring despite giving out free stuff
David Gruber. Yes, he got booed just for being in the crowd.

Awesome show. I have tons of photos and even some audio of some fan chants that I'm going to play on The Blake & Sal Show next week. 

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