3/27 Ring of Honor in Phoenix, Ariz.: Tyler Black vs. Austin Aries vs. Roderick Strong in a Triple Threat match for the ROH Title, Jerry Lynn vs. Steve Corino, The American Wolves vs. El Generico and Colt Cabana

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Mar 27, 2010 - 11:26 PM

Ring of Honor house show
Phoenix, Ariz. at Phoenix College
Report by Dot Net reader Vince Rollins

1. Kenny Omega defeated Rocky Romero. Romero and Omega split the crowd. Neither seemed to control the match. Omega won by pinfall.

2. Shawn Daivari defeated Human Tornado. Daivari drags old X-Pac heat with him where ever he walks. The crowd was dead outside of their entrances. Davairi won by pinfall.

3. Kevin Steen over Scott Lost. Steen clearly dominated the match. Steen was also cheered for everything he did and got a ton of "Mr. Wrestling" chants. The only way he's going to keep getting heat is by picking on Generico, and ironically, by not saying anything. Every time he opens his mouth, he gets cheered. Steen won by pinfall via the package piledriver.

4. The Briscoes, Necro Butcher, and Skullkrusher Rasche Brown defeated Joey Ryan, Bison Smith, Claudio Castagnoli, and Prince Nana. Chris Hero was originally scheduled for this match, but was pulled due to an injury last night (legit, he was walking around hunched over in a lot of pain last night). Prince Nana stepped in for him. The crowd was all over anything Bison Smith did. Anytime Bison and Rasche were in the ring together, the crowd went electric. Necro spent most of his time flying around in and out of the ring, surprisingly. The Briscoes won the match with a spike piledriver.

5. Kenny King beat Scorpio Sky in a Pick 6 Challenge match. The crowd went to sleep for this match. King tried to spice it up, but the crowd sat on their hands. King won by pinfall.

6. Jerry Lynn defeated Steve Corino. Corino tried to talk Lynn into taking it easy and going home. Lynn responded by asking Cary Silkin to make it a hardcore match. Silkin obliged. Both men bled early. A notable spot was four chairs supporting a ring barricade that Lynn was superplexed on top of. The table broke for the second night in a row broke (funny) and the crowd shit all over it. Generico came out and distracted Corino. Steen came out to later to distract Lynn. However, Lynn won by pinfall.

7. Colt "Boom Boom" Cabana and El Generico defeated The American Wolves. Colt continues to be waaay over. The American Wolves show tons of intricate teamwork, and Davey Richards stuns the audience every time with his kicks. If they got any sharper, he could cut a phone book in half. Cabana won the match with a Revenge of the Billy Goat's Curse on Eddie Edwards while Generico disposed of Richards with a top-rope Brain-Bustaaaah.

Afterward, Steen came out to play mind games with Generico. Corino came out and attacked them. Cabana helped Generico fight them off. Cabana and Generico started spitting at Steen and Corino, and Generico managed to nail Steen in the face from across the ring and part way up the ramp.

8. Roderick Strong fought Austin Aries to a no-contest. The crowd had officially died after the previous match. Despite the efforts of our main eventers, nothing woke the crowd up. It was absolutely dead silent for the first five minutes. The match grinded to a halt as Strong double underhook powerbombed Aries off of the top rope and slipped off the turnbuckle to the floor and smacked the timekeeper's table on the way. The ring announcer threw up the X and the crowd began hissing. Literally, hissing. Aries grabbed the mic and challenged Tyler Black to come out and defend his title against him since Roderick Strong was in no shape to fight. Black emerged and accepted.

9. Tyler Black fought Austin Aries to a no-contest in an ROH Title match. The crowd was still pretty dead. Aries and Black fight for about five minutes until Roderick Strong (with shoulder bandaged up and followed by Todd Sinclair, Jim Cornette, et al.) ambushed the ring and started whooping ass. Cornette decided to make it a Triple Threat for the ROH World Title since Roderick insisted on fighting. Another no contest.

10. Tyler Black defeated Austin Aries and Roderick Strong in a Triple Threat match to retain the ROH Title. The crowd woke up and get into the match as if they'd been on fire all night. The first dive into the crowd happened here late in the afternoon. All three split the fans and control of the match. Just as Roderick gained momentum, Black grabbed a quick submission on the arm on Strong, who tapped immediately. Black won by submission.

Notes: Overall, the crowd seemed to be less into the show as the previous night. I'd echo their sentiments and say night one was the better overall show, though night two had better big spots.

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