3/19 ROH in Manhattan: Eddie Edwards defeats Roderick Strong to win the ROH Championship, LAX vs. The Kings of Wrestling, Christopher Daniels vs. Davey Richards, The Briscoes vs. All Night Express

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Mar 20, 2011 - 01:08 AM

ROH Live Event
Manhattan, N.Y.
Report by Dot Net reader Ian Elimeliah

1. Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reily defeated Michael Elgin and Mike Mondo. Adam Cole is the Face of the Group and O'Reily's got the build but looks like a kid. Cole and O'Reily are Solid in the ring but need Character. Mondo was Amazing in the ring but got the Spirit Squad Chant. This was my first ROH real experience besides my skimming online... I thought Elgin was Kevin Steen. I'm still learning!! But Elgin was a Beast and also Solid ring skills. Great Fast paced power match. Crows loves it! I loved it!! Mike Mondo has a great future in my opinion .

2. Tomassio Ciampa beat Grizzly Redwood. Ciampa sucks!! His Look Sucks and he's got zero in-ring Skills and zero personality! Waste! Redwood saved Ciampa's green ass! Redwood is a Pro! Great look to him and In ring made Ciampa look like he deserves a pay check. Cornette didn't look happy at the production booth. I am now a Redwood fan!!

3. Mike "The Prodgy" Bennett beat Steve Corino. Why does anyone like Steve Corino? Mike Bennett looks like a star and wrestles like a star. Corino looks like Ric Flair now. Corino did some fun hardcore spots but meh... After the first match, these last two matches were Poopen-Schlocken.

4. The All Night Express defeated The Briscoes. Besides one slight bit of lag in the match, this match was great! The Briscoes were solid! Great look and solid Ring work, but I was impressed with The All Night Express. This team has Cornette's fingerprints all over them. Solid matchup and the fast paced creative teamwork was fun and impressive! It ended in a fun brawl between the two teams and Kenny King flying from the heavens onto the Briscos.

5. El Generico beat T.J. Perkins. Great matchup! But TJ has zero personality. El Generico is ridiculous. The guy is huge and lanky, but moves amazingly well. He had the crowd and myself eating out of his hands. A great ginger comment was made by the front row. Perkins was being called Roofeo from the movie Hook by the front row fans as well. Very funny. Note: ROH fans are brilliant! Both Wrestlers did a great job.

6. The Kings of Wrestling beat LAX (Homicide and Hernandez) in a non-title match. Geeks paradise! LAX came out to a huge ovation. Homicide was like a kid tonight in the ring. LAX never skipped a beat, including Homicide being Border Tossed into the KoW. KoW was amazing, of course, but LAX is the story. Plenty of back and forth cheering from the fans. But the best was the "f--- TNA" and "f--- Matt Morgan" chants. Side Note: I think Homicide stays in NYC and NJ waiting for wresting shows to come to him. Lol.

7. Davey Richards defeated Christopher Daniels. F---ing amazing! There was a scary botched 450 by Richards that ruined the end, but Richards owned up to it. He looked miserable because of it. No reason to though! Great work by pros.

8. Eddie Edwards beat Roderick Strong to win the ROH Title. The way Eddie fought, I knew there was going to be a title change, but would have never guess Eddie was this good. Strong was solid and took a great beating, but Edwards was special today. I won't forget this match ever. Not saying match of the year, but this was amazing.

Notes: I am a full converted indy wrestling fan. I actually couldn't stomach the WWE brand after such a great show. No match on this day was better than that championship match. It was a great story and a great finish by a great group of workers. ROH is the way a promotion should be run. Yes, Corino and Ciampa were holes in the card, but f--- it. It was the very best $25 I've ever spent. I've already bought tickets for the June show.

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