3/18 ROH in Plymouth, Mass.: Roderick Strong vs. Homicide vs. Jay Briscoe vs. El Generico in a Defy or Deny match, Christopher Daniels vs. "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett for the ROH TV Title

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Mar 18, 2011 - 11:15 PM

ROH Live Event
Plymouth, Mass.
Report by Dot Net reader Michael Angus

Andy "Right Leg" Ridge and his partner defeated Freddie and O.Z. in the pre-show match. Ridge is definitely a future talent for ROH. He won with an arcing superkick in about 5 minutes. He needs two things to be a mainstay on the roster in my opinion - bulk (as he's almost a rail), and psychology. Did next to nothing for me in this department but as I understand he's relatively green. Huge upside though.

Brutal Bob Evans and The Prodigy Mike Bennett opened with a promo. Bennett and Brutal Bob started heeling Christopher Daniels and then Steve Corino. Corino came out to the night's first pop. He basically did the whole, "I'm mending my evil ways but don't push me" bit. Vintage Corino on the mic. Ended with Corino getting the better of Bennett. First promo I've seen at a non New York show in years. Solid opening segment.

1. Mark Briscoe defeated Kyle O'Riley in about ten minutes. Strong match selling wise by Briscoe, who made O'Riley look like a champ with all the selling he did. Briscoe won after a super kick/frog elbow splash combo. Good solid opening match.

2. The All Night Express defeated Steve Corino and Grizzly Redwood in about 13 minutes. The usual high energy from All Night Express. ANX won when they hit their finisher after Corino inadvertently clothslined the shit out of Grizzly, who walked out more than pissed off.

3. Tomaso Ciampa (w/the Embassy) defeated Adam Cole in about 11 minutes. Basically a glorified squash that saw Cole get minimal offense. In my opinion, the only offense he got in was to enhance Ciampa, who came off looking like a beast (think of a thinner version of Batista meshed with Erick Stevens). Ciampa won with a sick finisher that was a back stabbed powerbomb. Sick to look at and sick to take.

4. Chris Hero defeated TJ Perkins in about nine minutes. Lots of chain wrestling to start off. Perkins looked good in the loss and Hero looked like a top guy in ANY company, as he used his elbows and strikes to set up the roaring front kick for the pin. Remember when he used to be a goofy heel? I don't either. I expect bigger things from Hero this year.

5. The Bravados defeated two local talents (Matt Taven and a partner). Basically filler to get over the new heel personas of the Bravados. Harlem gets the win by holding the tights.

6. Eddie Edwards defeated Michael Elgin (w/Truth Martini). Eddie Edwards is a must watch wrestler in my book. I was there when he shattered his elbow and still kept going. He's fluid, gets the crowd into the match with a look, and definitely looks like world champion material. Elgin shined as well as the new power guy in ROH. He can actually move in the ring and obviously gets good heel heat from being associated with Truth Martini. Edwards put both Truth and Elgin in the Achilles hold at the same time. Edwards won with his finisher.

7. Christopher Daniels beat "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett (w/Brutal Bob Evans) to retain the ROH TV Title. I assume that Daniels's days are numbered in ROH due to his recent appearances at the Impact tapings, and that's a sad thing because he's one of their best workers and he's a benefit to the entire roster. Bennett was said to hail from the town over to get the cheap heat to start with. He's somewhat green but there is a lot of potential with his look and that shows with the push he's getting. The finish came when "rehab is working" Steve Corino came in and shoved Bennett off the top rope, allowing Daniels to hit the BME.  

8. Davey Richards beat Claudio Castagnoli. Claudio and Davey had the match of the night so far. Too much to try to recall, but Shane Hagadorn and Sara del Rey got heavily involved. The finish saw Davey win with a shooting star press that was perfect to watch. The DVD is worth it for this match alone.

9. Roderick Strong defeated El Generico, Jay Briscoe, and Homicide in a Defy or Deny four-way elimination match. The first elimination in the main event saw Homicide eliminated by Jay Briscoe in about 11 minutes via a Jay-Driller.

In about 17 minutes, Jay Briscoe was eliminated by Roderick Sstrong via brain buster. Cool spot where Generico was in a leg and arm Taz-plex from Briscoe, and Roderick came and released German suplxed Briscoe with El Generico. Never seen that before.

In the main event elimination match, Roderick Strong defeated El Generico in about 28 minutes via running super kick after a huge release powerbomb from the interfering Michael Elgin. Per stipulation, Roderick doesn't have to face any of the three while he is champion.

Notes: 'll call this the "Angus Analysis." No Powell's POV, but it'll do, I suppose. I've been going to ROH shows since June of '05 when Matt Hardy had his three show run. I've seen Danielson, "Samoa Joe, McGuiness, And all the guys that have left. Colt Cabana is the NWA Champion, Daniels seems ready to leave, and they have a champion that, in my opinion, was given the belt because no one else was around to be a credible champion when Tyler black left. Add in a new booker (Delirious) and ROH is searching for a new identity yet again.

They have the most solid workers on any roster I've seen and are able to put on great show after great show. However, this show fell short albeit, just a little bit. Since they've left PPV, the Boston market has always been a tune up for bigger and better things in New York. Having been to many double shot weekends with the company, I can honestly say that they have my loyalty for a pro wrestling company because I know I'll get what I pay for in terms of content.

I just want the World's Greatest Tag Team and other high profile matches and talent to come to the smaller markets like Plymouth, which I think will serve to better get fans hotter about the smaller venues. The crowd wasn't as hot as I remember from December, but the building was near capacity with about 700 fans in attendance. Overall a seven out of ten performance. Maybe I've been spoiled or maybe I expect more from the best wrestling company on the planet. I will be here again on the 16th of September in Plymouth and in NYC on the 17th.

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