11/19 ROH "Glory By Honor X" results: Davey Richards vs. El Generico for the ROH Title, The Young Bucks (a/k/a Generation Me) vs. The Briscoes, Jay Lethal vs. Roderick Strong for the ROH TV Title

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Nov 20, 2011 - 09:36 AM

Ring of Honor "Glory By Honor X"
Chicago Ridge, Ill. at Frontier Fieldhouse
Report by Dot Net reader Jason Biagi

Dark Match:

1. Andy "Right Leg" Ridge beat Mike Sydal.

Before the show began, Kevin Steen was spotted sitting in the front row near the entrance. Jim Cornette and Cary Silkin came out and warned Steen not to interfere in any matches.

ROH Glory By Honor X

1. Michael Elgin won a Four Corner Survival match against Mike Bennett, Adam Cole, and Grizzly Redwood. Elgin was showcased nicely here having won the Survival Of The Fittest tournament last night. Fast paced throughout ending with Elgin pinning Cole after a Spiral Bomb.

2. Jimmy Jacobs (w/Steve Corino) fought Tomasso Ciampa (w/The Embassy) to a No Contest. Corino engaged in a heated argument with Steen before the match began. Jacobs got on the mic and said that he couldn't fight Steen unless he was provoked so he dared Steen to provoke him. Even match until Jacobs got sent to the floor and Steen spit water in Jacobs' face. Corino instantly attacked Steen and security took Corino and Jacobs to the back and threw Steen out of the building. Ciampa said that he wanted to fight anyone else in the back. Harlem Bravado came out to volunteer and said he would end Ciampa's undefeated streak.

2. Tomasso Ciampa pinned Harlem Bravado. One Project Ciampa (powerbomb/lungblower) was all it took to end this in about 20 seconds.

3. Eddie Edwards beat Kyle O'Reilly by submission. This match was all about who could hit the other the hardest. Between Edwards' chops and O'Reilly's kicks, this match was painful to watch(in a good way) Edwards hit two TK-1 Bombs then submitted O'Reilly with a modified Dragon Sleeper. The Chicago crowd gave O'Reilly a respectful ovation afterward.

4. Jay and Mark Briscoe beat The Young Bucks. Exceptional tag match with too many double-team moves to count. The Bucks tried to hit More Bang For Your Buck, but The Briscoes broke it up. Jay superkicked Nick Jackson out of the ring then hit Matt Jackson with a Death Valley Driver. The Briscoes then hit the Doomsday Device on Matt for the win.


5. ROH TV Champion Jay Lethal fought Roderick Strong to a 15 minute draw in a Proving Ground match and then defeated him in overtime. Late in the match, Strong hit two gutbusters and put Lethal in the Stronghold. Lethal fought out and hit the Lethal Injection for a near-fall. Lethal put Strong in a figure-four but Strong held out until the time limit ran out, ensuring Strong a future TV title match. Jim Cornette came out and asked for 5 more minutes. Strong reluctantly accepted. Jay Lethal beat Roderick Strong in overtime. Strong hit a Sick Kick but Lethal kicked out and later hit a handspring Ace Crusher for the win.

6. ROH World Tag Team Champions Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin beat The All Night Express (Rhett Titus & Kenny King). The Express earned this title shot by winning a grueling Ladder War at Death Before Dishonor. Another even match that Benjamin competed in despite rib injuries suffered the night before in Dayton, Ohio. Haas put Titus in The Haas Of Pain but King broke it up. The Express almost got the win after a Super Blockbuster but Benjamin hit Pay Dirt on Titus then combined with Haas to hit a modified double-powerbomb on King for the win. Good showing by all four.

7. ROH World Champion Davey Richards pinned El Generico. One of the best wars of attrition I've seen live. Richards kept hitting Generico with brutal kicks and Generico refused to stay down, even defiantly slapping the champion in the face after a barrage of kicks. Generico tried for the brainbuster several times and finally hit one...on the ring apron.

Generico barely got Richards back in the ring in time after that. The two then used their own finishers against each other until Richards uncorked a Super Dragon Suplex. A weakened Generico eventually succumbed to Richards' kicks and was pinned.

After the match, Richards was attacked by Kevin Steen who was attacked once again by Steve Corino and driven out of the Fieldhouse again. Richards got on the mic and said that Corino has restored his honor and they shook hands.

Very good card that was worth the trip.

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