11/19 ROH Glory By Honor X: A second report on Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas vs. The All Night Express for the ROH Tag Titles, Eddie Edwards vs. Kyle O'Reilly, Kevin Steen sitting in the crowd

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Nov 20, 2011 - 12:22 PM

Ring of Honor "Glory By Honor X"
Chicago Ridge, Ill. at Frontier Fieldhouse
Report by Dot Net reader Scotty Decowski

This was ROH's first show back in Chicago since the Sinclair TV taping in August. About 1/4 less fans in attendance than the August TV taping. If you watch this show on DVD, take a shot every time you see a Superkick. The crowd was heckling the wrestlers heavily by the end of the night for using HBK's finisher so liberally.

Pre-Show Match:
1. Andy "Right Leg" Ridge beat Mike Sydal. As soon as this match started, Kevin Steen took a seat in the front row walking in like any other fan. Jim Cornette stormed out with a few ROH crew members flanking him. Steen showed off his ticket for the show and after some shouting back and forth, Jim Cornette returned to the back. Andy Ridge hit a Stunner on Sydal out of the corner and got the pin.
Post match Ridge and Steen argued. Steen had a good majority of the fans popping for him. Ridge took a streamer that a fan threw into the ring and tossed it at Steen. Steen tossed it back and gave Ridge the finger. This caused Jim Cornette to return with Cary Silkin among the ROH crew members following Cornette. Cornette grabbed the mic and told Steen he may have a valid ticket, his lawyer may have allowed him to be here tonight, but if he gets involved he won't be at Final Battle or wrestle in ROH. Steen yelled back at Cornette and got the fans behind him chanting "We Want Steen." Cornette said Chicago can have Steen and once again returned to the back. The lights turned out for the first advertised match as Steen sat down in his front row seat.

ROH Glory By Honor X
1. "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin (w/Truth Martini) defeated Mike Bennett, Adam Cole and Grizzly Redwood in a four corners survival match. Mike Bennett came out first and didn't have Brutal Bob his usual manager with him. Michael Elgin did have Truth Martini with him however along with the very large Survival of the Fittest trophy he just won. A large majority of the crowd was behind Elgin, even more so than Adam Cole surprising enough. Four man match with two men in at time and tag outs with two men on the apron.

Bennett and Cole started out with Bennett pushing Cole into the corner for a few slaps to the face. Cole arm dragged Bennett and tagged out to Elgin causing Bennett to quickly tag out to Redwood. Bennett got heat from the crowd and was quickly tagged back in by Redwood. Bennett played up not wanting to confront Elgin and once again tagged out to Cole. Elgin and Cole faced off with their exchange ending with an Elgin powerslam. Elgin tagged Bennett back in and Cole tagged in Redwood. Redwood hit a corner Hurricanrana on Bennett followed by Bennett hitting the TKO on Redwood.

The match broke down here with all four men fighting it out. Cole knocked Elgin out of the ring and dove out of the ring on top of Elgin. Elgin caught Cole followed by Redwood diving on both men. The crowd was applauding the action as the three men returned to the ring. Elgin began to clear house, Elgin powerslammed Redwood into the corner then down onto Cole.

Redwood rushed Elgin into the corner with punches until Elgin was in a seated postions. Redwood attempted a running cannonball into the corner but Elgin caught him and Powerbombed him onto Bennett on the outside. Elgin and Cole were left and after a brief exchange Elgin hit the a Spinning Tornado Powerbomb for the pin. The Crowd heavily applauded Elgin post match as he was as over as ever in Chicago Ridge.
2. Jimmy Jacobs (w/Steve Corino) fought "The Dominant Male" Tomasso Ciampa (w/The Embassy) to a no contest. Ciampa was with Prince Nana, a female valet and two other managers I can't name. Jacobs and Corino argued with Steen on their way to the ring continuing that rivalry. Corino exchanged middle fingers with Steen and really got into it with Steen pre match. Jacobs grabbed the mic and said much like the crowd he wants Steen too but he can't touch Steen legally unless he is provoked. So Jacobs dared Steen to provoke him.

Steen sat down while Jacobs and Ciampa started their match exchanging forearms. Jacobs got the advantage pushing Ciampa into the corner and hit a cannonball on Ciampa same as Redwood hit earlier. Steen took a swipe at Corino causing Corino to retaliate causing the two to brawl in the entrance area. Both men pushed each other through a guard rail knocking that down and heading into the crowd. Jacobs joined the melee as ROH crew members rushed in and separated Corino and Steen. Steen was dragged out of the building as Jacobs and Corino slowly walked to the back. The match was ruled a No Contest.
Prince Nana got on the mic and said Ciampa wasn't done yet. He challenged any "white meat" wrestlers to come out and fight the undefeated Dominant Male. Out walks one of the Bravado Brothers who plays up to the crowd like he's a star. As soon as he gets in the ring Ciampa hits his Powerbomb to his knees finisher and gets the pin. The other Bravado Brother comes out to help his partner to the back as Ciampa celebrates in the ring with the Embassy.
3. "Diehard" Eddie Edwards defeated Kyle O'Reilly. The crowd applauded both men, but Edwards was way over. The match started slow with both men exchanging chops, leg kicks and elbows. Both men would block and reverse into a submission, Edwards got an STF and Half Crab on early. Later, O'Reilly locked in a Crossface and after Edwards got the rope break is when the pace picked up. O'Reilly hit rapid fire Kicks to the chest of a kneeling Edwards who was egging O'Reilly to hit him harder.

Edwards got the advantage and hit a double stomp off the top onto O'Reilly's chest. Edwards hit the Snowplow (brainbuster variation) for a near fall. Both men exchanged some really stiff looking Superkicks, the best of the Superkick marathon happening at Glory by Honor X. Edwards eventually hit his Die Hard Driver (Fisherman's DDT with one legged hooked) followed by a Scissored Dragon Sleeper for the submission win. The crowd was very high on this match applauded both men post match.
4. The Briscoes defeated The Young Bucks. The Briscoes got a huge reaction for their intros and were way over. They started the match hot too attacking both Young Bucks outside the ring. The teams brawled around the ring for five plus minutes with one Brisco hitting a Superplex onto the short entrance ramp on one of the Bucks. Crowd was hot for the entire brawl that stayed at ringside but eventually all four men got into the ring and a traditional tag match started. The Bucks got the advantage early hitting their own Superkicks, a Double Stomp off the top and a outside dive spot.

After exchanging control, the Bucks gained the advantage again and hit the spot of the night. Max held Jay Brisco hanging across the second rope in the middle of the ring as Nick came off the top with a 4five0 hitting Jay square. The crowd popped huge and finally gave the Young Bucks some love. The Briscoes regained control when Jay hit a T-Bone Suplex. The Briscoes hit the Doomsday Device after some good back and forth for the pin. Post match both Briscoes kissed a grandma on the cheek who was in attendance on the way out which gave me a good laugh. The Briscoes were the most over act of the night. This tag match was easily the best match of the night in my opinion.
five. Roderick Strong (w/Truth Martini) survived 1five minutes with ROH Television Champion Jay Lethal, but lost to him in overtime. The match was billed with Roderick Strong needing to defeat or survive all 1five minutes against Jay Lethal to get a shot at the ROH Television Title in the future. Both men spent a large portion of the first 12 minutes exchanging strikes and submission holds. Roderick worked in his Strong Hold (Boston Crab) and Lethal had an Abdominal Stretch.

Lots of chops and stiff kicks as one can expect from Roderick Strong. The fans in my section weren't fans of this style to say the least and let their voices be heard. Three minutes left in the match was announced so both men started going for moves. Roderick hit his Firemans Carry Gutbuster, Lethal gained control and locked in the Figure Four. Roderick held on as time expired. Jim Cornette ran out while a small portion of the fans were chanting "No More Minutes" and crapping all over the match.

Cornette looked right at these fans in my section asking "You want five more minutes?" and getting a pretty resounding no! Cornette played it off like the crowd wanted five more minutes and told Roderick he has his shot at the TV Title in the future but don't be a "pussy" wrestle five more minutes with Lethal now. The match was restarted despite the negative feedback from some in the crowd.
The restart started with both men clutching each other and exchanging fists. Roderick again attempted the Gibson Driver only to get reversed and hit with the Lethal Combination for a near fall. Roderick got the Boston Crab on again, followed by another Firemans Carry Gutbuster. Lethal took advantage, spring boarding into the ropes upside down like he usually does for an elbow but instead finishing by grabbing Roderick's head for a Cutter and getting the pin. Good action in the restart with a unique finish but the slow pace early ruined the match for many fans around me, it was a great match on paper.
6. ROH World Tag Team Champions Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin beat The All Night Express (Rhett Titus & Kenny King). Both teams received large pops from the crowd. Benjamin had his ribs taped up. Haas and Benjamin tend to work one on one amateur style face offs in their tag matches early on and this match was no different. Haas and Titus started the match mat wrestling and exchanging basic suplexes and submissions. Benjamin and King tagged in and faced off in a similar fashion. Benjamin hits a splash in the corner followed by favoring his ribs selling his injury and giving ANX the advantage.

ANX hit a great Powerbomb Blockbuster combo for a near fall. Shelton hot tagged Haas in who German Suplexed both ANX members followed by an Angle (Olympic) Slam and Haas of Pain submission on Titus which was broken up. Eventually Haas and Benjamin hit their Leapfrog double team move in the ropes followed by a Front Double Powerbomb on Kenny King for the pin. Post match the two teams shook hands, Haas and Benjamin held up the hands of King and Titus showing mutual respect. Once this match got going the crowd was well into it and both teams received good pops.
7. ROH World Champion Davey Richards pinned El Generico. Once again both men were well over with the crowd and El Generico received lots of "Ole" chants through out the match. Richards had his IWGP Junior Tag Title with him along with the ROH World Title. Richards worked a very stiff, heavy style early on laying in the chops and kicks. The two battled to the outside where Generico dove over the top rope. Richards hit a Superplex off the top rope later in the match. Generico kept trying to go for the Brainbuster but Richards constantly cut him off.

The longer the match went the more intense and sweaty Richards got. Richards attempted several Ankle locks through out, Generico reversed a few into a Seated Sleeper Hold. Richards tried twice to hit a Reverse Full Nelson Suplex but was reversed. Battling towards the apron Generico managed to hit the Brainbuster on the apron for a huge pop as both men sold on the outside. "This is Awesome" and "holy shit" filled the arena. Both men returned to the ring near the end of the 20 count. Generico hit a Dragon Suplex for a near fall and another big pop. Shortly after Richards hit the Full Nelson Suplex off the top rope, great move which received a huge pop. A few more submissions were attempted followed by a series of kicks from Richards on Generico. Generico took a kick while in a seating position to the head area, giving Richards the pin.
Post match Steen returned attacking Richards. The two brawled briefly then Corino and Jacobs join the scuffle. ROH crew members once again pulled Steen away and threw him out. Richards grabbed the mic saying he "didn't want to acknowledge that fat piece of shit. But if he wanted a fight, he was a fighting champion." Richards put over Corino as a changed man and said fans should trust him Richards then turned his attention to Generico and put him over. Richards mentioned how tough it is to wrestle in front of the ROH fans and how critical they can be.

Certainly, the "No More Minutes" chant on Lethal and Roderick was pretty rough. Richards put over how Generico can make it with these tough fans and he was one of the best to a big pop. Richards walked over and held up Generico's arm who was selling how hurt he was after the match. Richards thanked the fans for coming out and the show ended. On the way out, fans were treated to Steen cutting a promo to ROH cameras outside. Steen yelled that Sinclair broadcasting can't keep him from ROH and he will be thorn in their side until Final Battle.

Great show overall, easily got my money's worth for great wrestling action.

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