10/16 ROH in Chicago Ridge: Christopher Daniels vs. Davey Richards in "the best match I have ever seen live," The Kings of Wrestling vs. The Briscoes in an elimination match, Steve Corino vs. Colt Cabana in an "I Quit" match

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Oct 17, 2010 - 11:05 AM

ROH Live Event
Chicago Ridge, Ill.
Report by Dot Net reader Mark from Chicago

In a pre-show match, Matt Sydal and Bobby Dempsey beat two guys with an Italian gimmick. Sydal spent most of the time in the ring. He made a hot tag to Dempsey, who hit the fallaway slam into a bridge pinfall.

1. All Night Express vs. Adam Cole and Kyle O Reilly in 12:00. There was a big "You're a virgin" chant for Titus at the beginning. Reilly hit a nice double leg sweep on ANE. ANE won with Rhett's neckbreaker finisher. Great opening match.

2. Ricky Reyes defeated Andy Ridge in 9:00 in a Trial Series Match. Decent match. Reyes played the heel role better than Ridge played the face role. Reyes won with the roll the dice finisher. Post match saw Reyes rip the crowd and then eat a superkick from Ridge.

3. Lady Jo Jo and Nevaeh defeated Daizee Haze and a masked woman in 9:00. Slow match. A fan (possibly a plant) gave Jo Jo the business at ringside and was "tossed." The blonde woman won with a rollup.

4. Homicide defeated Kevin Steen in 16:00. Great match. Steen is very entertaining in the ring. Steen ripped the ROH sign off the guardrail and tried twice to throw it into the ring and failed. He then proceeded to stomp and elbow drop the sign on the outside. Homicide won with a diamond cutter off the second rope.

5. Metal Master over Mike Mondo via submission in 8:00. Lots of "Mikey" and "Mikey's got spirit" chants. Mikey tapped to the crippler crossface.

6. The Briscoes defeated The Kings of Wrestling in an eliminations match in 13:00. Good back and forth match. Mark eliminated first by Hero's loaded elbow pad. Claudio was out next with a double underhook pile driver by Jay. Jay scored the victory with a backslide.

7. Colt Cabana defeated Steve Corino in an I Quit match in 15:00. Decent match. Kevin Steen was at ringside in a straight jacket. Still very entertaining. Corino got a beer bottle from under the ring and broke it against the post to use it. Cabana got it and used it on Corino's arm.

Corino's arm was bleeding pretty heavy. Corino unhooked Steen and double teamed Cabana. Wrestlers came out to hold down Steen while Cabana hit a death valley driver on Corino through a table. Cabana used part of the table to cut open Corino's eye and made him say "I Quit." Post match, they agreed to end the war.

8. Davey Richards defeated Christopher Daniels in 32:00. This was the best match I have ever seen live. Back and forth non stop action through out the entire match. Richards kicked out of Daniels' Angels Wings finisher. Richards perched on top rope and Daniels hits a death valley driver on the outside ring apron. Richards got back in at 19. Lots of ankle lock finishers in the match and Richards got Daniels to tap out with a leg lock. Both wrestlers gave props to one other and to the ROH fans after the match.

Notes: Overall, this was the best live show I have ever seen, including Bound For Glory a few years back when it was Sting vs. Samoa Joe for the TNA Title. Big props to the guys for putting on one hell of a show. They announced at intermission that they will be returning to Chicago Ridge on February 26, live on PPV.

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