10/15 ROH in Dayton results: Christopher Daniels and Davey Richards vs. The Kings of Wrestling, Evan Bourne's brother back in the ring, ROH security to be featured on a reality show

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Oct 16, 2010 - 10:34 AM

ROH live event
Dayton, Oh.
Report by Dot Net reader Brandon Misfud

Dark Match: Mike Sydal and Bobby Dempsey defeated Mark Dillinger and Rip Impact (w/ Agent Sly).

1. Mark Briscoe pinned Mike Mondo.

2. Daizee Haze pinned Lady Jo Jo.

3. Colt Cabana defeated Andy "Right Leg" Ridge. Cabana won via submission in a Trial Series match.

4. Kevin Steen and Steve Corino defeated Adam Cole and Kyle O'Rielly via pinfall. Steen and Corino cut amazing promos before the match (mainly Corino). The best part was Corino talking directly to a fan which ended up being a plant. There were actually two or three plants in the crowd throughout the show although only one tried to run into the ring.

In Plymouth I wasn't sure what was going on with the Grizzly Redwood one but now I know what it is. Apparently there's some TruTV show on security guards/bodyguards and they're featuring one of Ring of Honor's guys, so when these things happen it's because of him, not due to any storyline. Not sure if this is news or not but I hadn't heard about it yet.


5. Ricky Reyes pinned Metal Master. Really boring match. This is the match where a fan tried to get into the ring.

6. Jay Briscoe pinned Rhett Titus. Awesome match. After the match Jay tried to shake Rhett's hand and Rhett flipped him off.

7. Homicide pinned Kenny King. Rhett came out to interfere but it didn't work. After the match, they teamed up against Homicide, and Jay Briscoe came out for the save. Homicide asked Jay what he was doing and said he didn't like him and didn't want his help. A bunch of officials emptied out to break it up.

8. The Kings of Wrestling (w/Shane Hagadorn) defeated Davey Richards and Christopher Daniels via pinfall. Another great match. Daniels and Davey seemed to team well, didn't show much conflict or anything. Then after there was a small in ring segment with both guys talking on the mic just to hype tonight's Chicago Ridge match. Lastly, Davey thanked the Dayton fans and told them to come back in February.

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